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  • Welcome to Pitt!

    Hello new students! Visit our IT Welcome Center to learn about free software, Wi-Fi, and the things you need to do before your first day of classes.

  • Top 5 Student IT Perks at Pitt

    You tuition invoice includes a $175 Network Fee. It provides students with equal access to a wide variety of technology services. What exactly does that include these days? A lot of good stuff, it turns out. Make sure you're taking advantage of everything you can get!

  • Elements of Publish or Perish

    Publishing is central to your success as a faculty member. You dedicate countless hours to your research. See how Elements can help ensure that other people see it, value it, and want to be a part of it.

  • Stop the Schedule Madness!

    A few months ago, our blogger needed to schedule a meeting for 10 people from different divisions. All she had to do was magically find a time when everyone could come. Yeah, right. See how she managed to FindTime.

  • Upgrade Your Online Learning with LinkedIn Learning

    The great online course offerings from Lynda just got even better. In July, Pitt’s On-Demand Training service transitioned to LinkedIn Learning.

IT Support for Everyone

No matter your role at the University of Pittsburgh, Pitt IT is always here to help you.


Enterprise Relationship Management

Pitt continues to develop its ERM system to expand engagement, enrich connections, and improve information sharing between areas of the University.

Learn More About ERM

Student Computing Lab Renovations

Renovations to the computing labs are bringing increased personal space at workstations, more collaboration options, and improved bring-your-own-device areas. 

Learn More About Renovations

Pitt Password Manager (LastPass)

Pitt Password Manager creates strong, unique passwords and remembers them—so you don’t have to. 

Learn More About LastPass

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