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  • Pave the Information Highway: Making Public Wi-Fi Private

    While riding the information superhighway of the new workplace, it’s important to make sure that unwanted hitchhikers aren’t riding along with you. Here's how PittNet VPN protect your Wi-Fi traffic.

  • Proof in Numbers: Data to Drive Diversity

    The Office of Diversity and Inclusion strives to embed diversity and advance inclusion as transformational forces throughout the University’s five campuses. Learn how Pitt IT’s Analytics and Data Integration team tackles this challenge!

  • IT Training Camp

    The Fall semester schedule of Instructor-Led IT Workshops was just announced. I know should attend a seminar, but I haven’t. Recently, I sat down with the IT Trainers to ask why I should make time for a workshop. They made a pretty convincing case.

  • Master the AskCathy Claw Machine

    Think of AskCathy as a claw machine: filled with great Pitt-related information, but you need to use the claw (aka, the search features) to get the exact prize you want. But claw machine aficionados know the tricks to get what you want on the first try.

  • Skip the Lab, Use the Station

    Sometimes you head to a lab because your phone or tablet battery is dying, to print something out, or to do something quick between classes. There are more convenient options when you don’t need the whole “workstation” experience.

IT Support for Everyone

No matter your role at the University of Pittsburgh, Pitt IT is always here to help you.


Enterprise Relationship Management

Pitt continues to develop its ERM system to expand engagement, enrich connections, and improve information sharing between areas of the University.

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Student Computing Lab Renovations

Renovations to the computing labs are bringing increased personal space at workstations, more collaboration options, and improved bring-your-own-device areas. 

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Pitt Password Manager (LastPass)

Pitt Password Manager creates strong, unique passwords and remembers them—so you don’t have to. 

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