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Students, faculty, and staff of the University of Pittsburgh have access to many security services and tools that protect devices, safeguard personal information, and secure sensitive data. Contact Pitt IT for 24/7 support, security guidance, and to request personalized consultations from the Pitt IT Security team.

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Report a Security Concern

If you have any reason to suspect a security issue, contact the Pitt IT Security team immediately so that we may assess the issue.

Possible security issues include:

  • Lost or stolen equipment
  • Virus, spyware, or other malicious programs found on your computer
  • Unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information stored on a computer
  • Accidentally opened attachments or clicked links that appear malicious
  • Suspected phishing email

How to Report a Security Issue


Protect Your Information

Every individual plays a part in creating a safe digital environment. Pitt IT supports these efforts by offering free security tools and resources, such as Antivirus and Anti-Malware Protection. We also offer guides and training materials to help you quickly learn best practices and skills for defending your tech against security threats.


Stay Ahead of the Threat

Pitt IT develops training and instructional programming with the latest practices and tools to help University departments increase IT security awareness. Departments may also request training sessions that cover topics not included in current course offerings.

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Keep Your Accounts, Yours

The Account Administration service enables the University to manage its account services in an effort to securely verify and protect its identity with tools, such as Multifactor Authentication and Federated Authorization Process (Student Mart Access).

Those who utilize our Pitt Email (Outlook) service are also provided with access to select services to securely manage email communications with Advanced Threat Protection and Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter Service with Exchange Online Protection (EOP).


Practice Good Governance with Our Guidance

Pitt IT regularly updates its security knowledge base with the latest governance standards, while also ensuring the University’s safety against external attacks and internal accidents with industry-leading security methods and best-practices. Request guidance or support from Pitt IT or learn more with the resources below.

IT Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations for restricted data (e.g., DFARS/CMMC, FERPA, GDPR/PIPL, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST 800-171, PCI)

Data Classification & Compliance

Protect the privacy of students, alumni, faculty, and staff through precautions and data classifications measures that guard against unauthorized access.

Governance & Policy Security Guides

Maintain safety practices around policies and standards with our easy-to-follow guides — developed and maintained for accuracy by Pitt IT Security and organized below.

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Master University Guidelines

Pitt IT has partnered with University communities to establish security policies that help protect computers and information from security threats — such as viruses, Trojan horses, hackers, and other forms of cybercrime.

Review these policies to help your department protect its data, while also adhering to state and federal regulations regarding technology.

View IT Policies & Information


Manage Security Audits with Our Help

Pitt IT Security is available to assist departments and schools in all IT security audit needs — including regulatory requests. Contact us for expert guidance in managing and executing audit processes through risk identification, evaluation, and mitigation.

IT Audit Guidance

Request risk-based security audits from Pitt IT Security to determine if your University data is adequately protected. Assistance is also offered in cases where departments are requested to perform and report internal IT audits.

IT Risk Management

Improve your departmental risk identification, evaluation, and mitigation capabilities by working with Pitt IT Security to identify risks, assess any potential impacts, and lessen risks by implimenting mitigation controls.

IT Contract & Agreement Review Service

Review contracts and agreements with our guidance to determine if your department and the University can meet contractually obligated data-security requirements.


Identify Risks Before They Become Threats

Pitt IT Security can help you identify potential threats before they become issues for your department. Are you concerned that your data has already been compromised? Pitt IT Security will help you assess the situation, manage the incident, and respond to University stakeholders and legal partners.


Build a Security Strategy that Fits Your Needs

Security architecture can help you design and document key elements of your overall security program, which ensures that your department and users can understand and utilize methods for creating safe, collaborative digital environments. Pitt IT Security will work closely with you to create a well-defined strategy that fits your needs and uses industry-leading best practices to enable your department’s security and success.

Strategy and Design

Plan and create your IT environment with security as a top priority.

Security Tooling

Implement the proper tools and security measures for your needs.

Solution Engineering

Design and develop secure solutions that fit your unique work processes and data needs.