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Student Mart Access


Access to the Student Mart is governed by Federated Authorization, ensuring users only have access to the data required to fulfill their University responsibilities.

Information Technology has developed an online Federated Authorization process that makes requesting access faster and easier. It retains all the security and auditing benefits of a paper-based process while eliminating the need to print forms, obtain handwritten signatures, and fax forms to additional approvers.

To request access to the Student Mart and to request Restricted Access to the Student Mart, log in to the Federated Authorization Community.

Note: You first need Student Mart access in order to gain Restricted Access from a security contact. Click here for a list of security contacts.

Step-by-Step Request Process

The process is described on the Federated Authorization Community page.

Who's Who?

  • End user: Person for whom restricted access is being requested.
  • Security Contact: Individuals designated by their University unit to ensure authorized employees have access only to the data needed to perform their jobs. View all Security Contacts >
  • University Data Steward (required for restricted access): Individuals responsible for granting additional approval when a certain level of access is requested.  
  • Pitt Information Technology Security Analyst: Pitt IT staff members responsible for reviewing and granting final approval to all access requests.