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Picture of 2023-24 Tech Ambassadors
Pictured (L to R): Back: Jamir Grier, Dayquon Henderson, Brandon Bowman, Abhinav Srinivasan. Front: Carolyn Phamtran, Grace Brignola, Jacob Sosinsky, Viraj Patel. Not pictured: Sam Hayes, Abby Skariah


Pitt IT Tech Ambassadors are here to help you make the most out of the technology offerings at Pitt. Whether it’s helping you find the free software you need, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud, or holding a training for you and your friends – the Tech Ambassadors are here for you.

Tech Ambassadors are also fully skilled in all Microsoft 365 products. Just talk to a Tech Ambassador to learn how to get more organized using OneNote, leverage Teams for communication within your school, download a free copy of Office to keep after you graduate, and much more!

Reach Out to a Tech Ambassador

There are lots of great ways to see what your friendly neighborhood Tech Ambassador is up to:

  • #TechAmbassador — Follow your favorite ambassadors on Instagram or just look for #TechAmbassador
  • Request an Event — Want a Tech Ambassador to do a training or presentation for your club, residence hall floor, or group of friends? Just ask! We're happy to hang with you.
  • Look for Us — Spot us out and about on campus wearing our snazzy t-shirts and Tech Ambassador buttons.

Meet the Tech Ambassadors

Carolyn Phamtran (Lead Ambassador)
Brandon Bowman | Grace BrignolaJamir Grier | Kieran Griperay | Fiona Langan
Viraj Patel | Justin PelloAbigayle SkariahJacob Sosinsky | Abhinav Srinivasan 

Carolyn Phamtran (Lead Ambassador)Carolyn Phamtran

  • Major: Media & Professional Communications – College of General Studies, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Fall down seven times, get up eight.
  • Ways I love to use tech: I would be nothing without Canva and OneNote!
  • Follow me on Linkedin: carolyn-phamtran-531161212 

Brandon BowmanBrandon Bowman

  • Major: Business Information Systems and Finance – CBA, Class of 2025
  • Personal Motto: "If I could say a few words… I would be a better public speaker." – Homer Simpson
  • Ways I love to use tech: Two tech services that I couldn’t live without are Spotify and Adobe CC! I love listening to music and one of my hobbies is graphic design.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @Brandonbowmann 

Grace BrignolaGrace Brignola

  • ​Major: Marketing and BIS – CBA, Class of 2026
  • Personal Motto: Actions speak louder than words.
  • Ways I love to use tech: A personal favorite tool is Teams! I love how cohesive it is in collaborating with others and streamlining the project process.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: grace-brignola

Jamir GrierJamir Grier

  • Major: Computer Science – SCI, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Do it so well that you only do it once.
  • Tech I couldn't live without: My phone has so many features and shortcuts that it's my most essential piece in any situation.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @jah.meer  

Kieran GriperayKieran Griperay

  • Major: Computer Science - SCI, Class of 2026 
  • Personal Motto: Whatever happens, happens. 
  • Tech I couldn’t live without: My phone … I am addicted!
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: Kieran-Griperay

Fiona LanganFiona Langan

  • Major: Computational Social Science, LCJS Minor – Dietrich, Class of 2025
  • Personal Motto: Everything that’s meant to be will be.
  • Tech I couldn’t live without: Spotify and my schedule  platforms have gotten me through college.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: @fiona-langan 

Viraj PatelViraj Patel

  • Major: Chemical Engineering – Swanson, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Today better than yesterday.
  • Tech I can't live without: Apple Music and headsets to keep me rolling.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: viraj36  

Justin Pello

  • Major: Media and Professional Communications – CGS, Class of 2026
  • Personal Motto: This too shall pass.
  • Tech I couldn’t live without: Spotify and YouTube… they are my entertainment platforms to keep me sane.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: justin-pello-147390296/ 

Abigayle SkariahAbigayle Skariah

  • Expected Major: Finance and BIS – CBA, Class of 2025
  • Personal Motto: Everything happens for a reason.
  • Ways I love to use tech: I can't live without my phone.
  • Follow me on Linkedin: abigayle-skariah

Jacob Sosinsky

  • Major: Political Science, Minor in Economics – Dietrich, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Be yourself; everyone else is taken.
  • Ways I love to use tech: Sharing music and video with friends and family across the world is one of my favorite facets of modern technology. 
  • Follow me on Instagram: @jacob_sosinsky

Abhinav Srinivasan

  • Major: Computer Science, Data Science - SCI, Class of 2025
  • Personal Motto: Actions speak louder than words.
  • Ways I love to use tech: Spotify is a must for me to be productive.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @abhi_r6s