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Picture of 2022-23 Tech Ambassadors
Pictured (L to R): Brandon Bowman, Jamir Grier, Sam Hayes, Pamela Smith, Trevor Klingensmith. Not pictured: Lubaba Islam, Rohan Krishnan, Noah Nachmani.


Pitt IT Tech Ambassadors are here to help you make the most out of the technology offerings at Pitt. Whether it’s helping you find the free software you need, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud, or holding a training for you and your friends – the Tech Ambassadors are here for you.

Tech Ambassadors are also fully skilled in all Microsoft 365 products. Just talk to a Tech Ambassador to learn how to get more organized using OneNote, leverage Teams for communication within your school, download a free copy of Office to keep after you graduate, and much more!

Reach Out to a Tech Ambassador

There are lots of great ways to see what your friendly neighborhood Tech Ambassador is up to:

  • #TechAmbassador — Follow your favorite ambassadors on Instagram or just look for #TechAmbassador
  • Request an Event — Want a Tech Ambassador to do a training or presentation for your club, residence hall floor, or group of friends? Just ask! We're happy to hang with you.
  • Look for Us — Spot us out and about on campus wearing our snazzy t-shirts and Tech Ambassador buttons.

Meet the Tech Ambassadors

Brandon Bowman | Jamir Grier | Sam Hayes | Trevor Klingensmith | Carolyn PhamtranPamela Smith | Ishika Patel (lead ambasador)

Brandon Bowman

  • Brandon BowmanMajor: Business Information Systems and Finance – CBA, Class of 2025
  • Personal Motto: “If I could say a few words… I would be a better public speaker.” – Homer Simpson
  • Ways I love to use tech: Two tech services that I couldn’t live without are Spotify and Adobe CC! I love listening to music and one of my hobbies is graphic design.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @Brandonbowmann

Jamir Grier

  • Jamir GrierMajor: Computer Science – SCI, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Do it so well that you only do it once
  • Tech I couldn't live without: My phone has so many features and shortcuts that it's my most essential piece in any situation.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @jah.meer

Sam Hayes

  • Sam HayesMajor: Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems – CBA, Class of 2024.
  • Personal Motto: Consistency is Key
  • Tech I couldn’t live without: Microsoft OneNote to keep things organized and make certain tasks simpler
  • Follow me on Instagram: @sam.hayes4

Trevor KlingensmithTrevor Klingensmith

  • Major: Information Science – SCI, Class of 2023
  • Personal Motto: Live in the moment.
  • Ways I love to use tech: To make life easier.
  • Follow me on Instagram: @tkling16
Carolyn Phamtran

Carolyn Phamtran

Pamela Smith

  • Pamela SmithMajor: English Writing and History/Philosophy of Science – Dietrich, Class of 2024
  • Personal Motto: Never stop learning. I try to learn something new as much as I can, no matter how small — new knowledge or skills, things from other people, or just a new way to organize my planner or observe the things around me.
  • Tech I couldn’t live without: I definitely couldn't go without any kind of camera — my phone is full of pictures of great memories! 
  • Follow me on Instagram: @pamelasmith._

Ishika Patel (Ambassador Lead)

  • Ishika PatelMajor: Finance and Business Information Systems - CBA, with minor in Sociology - Dietrich, Class of 2023
  • Personal Motto: The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page.
  • Tech I couldn’t live withoutOneNote. I find this to be the most efficient way of taking notes and keeping both my personal and professional life organized. 
  • Follow me on LinkedIn: @ishika-patel-a513611a3