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Pitt Print


Pitt Print enables students to send print jobs from any location to color and black & white Pitt Print Stations located in all Student Computing Labs, many residence halls, and other high-traffic locations across the Pittsburgh campus. Pitt Print enables remote color and black & white printing from:

  • Personal computers with an internet connection (Pitt Print software must be installed)
  • Computer Kiosks
  • Somputers in the Student Computing Labs
  • Smartphones and tablets 

After sending a print job to a Pitt printer, students can pick up documents by swiping their University ID card or entering their University username and password at a Pitt Print Station.

Note: Color Pitt Print Stations are only located in Student Computing Labs. Pitt Print Client 17.0, released in fall 2016, or later is required for printing to the color printers from a personal device.

Pitt Print Software

Pitt Print software is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as macOS 10.9 and higher. To use the service, install the required Pitt Print software from the Software Download Service at My Pitt.


MobilePrint is an extension of the Pitt Print service that makes it simple to print from smartphones and mobile devices. Send an email message with an attachment of the file that you want to print or enter the information that you want to print in the body of the email message. Students can send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print Stations located in the Student Computing Labs, residence halls, and other high-traffic areas on campus. For more information, see the MobilePrint FAQ.

Jobs can be sent to one of the following email addresses:

mobileprint@pitt.edu – to print two-sided in black and white

colorprint@pitt.edu – to print two-sided in color, and can be printed in a Student Computing Lab

Printing in the Student Computing Labs

Pitt Print is a student resource. Both color and black & white printers are available in most Student Computing Labs. By default, print jobs sent from a lab computer are sent to black & white Pitt Print stations. Students simply swipe their ID cards or enter their University username and password at the Pitt Print Station to print and pick up their jobs.

Note: Bellefield Lab does not have color printing.

Printing from Unix

The lpr command prints files on Unix. Use the -Pqueuename option to select a printer.

Example: lpr -Ppittprint sample.file

Result: This is the default output. Single-sided output, one page worth of text per side, portrait format. Output is queued to the Pitt Print Stations.

Note: The Unix operating system is case sensitive; type all commands in lower-case letters unless noted otherwise.

Check Your Print Quota

Pittsburgh campus students receive $63 per semester for printing. Black & white sheets are $.07 each. Color sheets are $.49 each. This is equivalent to 900 sheets printed in black and white or 128 sheets printed in color.

Students can purchase additional print quota at the Walk-In Support Desk at the University Store on Fifth (please remember your Pitt ID) or using Pay Stations located in the David Lawrence Hall and Hillman Library Student Computing Labs (cash only).

You can check how many pages you have printed at any time. View your print quota at My Print Center at print.pitt.edu. You can also view this information by logging in to my.pitt.edu and clicking on the Pitt Print My Print Center link in the right-hand column. Available print quota balances are also displayed on the Pitt Print Station terminals, which allows you to see the balance each time that you print. In addition, you can view detailed information about your printing, including quota, added funds, etc. by selecting the Account button on the Pitt Print Station terminal.