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September 23, 2020

In July, I wrote a blog comparing Skype and Teams for chatting, calling, and meetings. That was just a taste. Now that Microsoft is getting ready to retire Skype for Business, it’s time for a whole serving of Teams hacks. Here are my top tips for going from basic to pro with Teams meetings.

September 16, 2020

COVID-19 sure has made me appreciate technology that I admit previously taking for granted—particularly Microsoft Teams and Zoom. But let’s face it, as great as it is to have options, connecting with our colleagues or classmates over videocalls each day just isn’t the same as IRL.

September 01, 2020

Wi-Fi is a necessity for modern working, learning, communication, and entertainment. During a pandemic, it’s even more critical! Here’s how to figure out what you need and where to get it, no matter where you are living or connecting.

August 26, 2020

Teaching and learning at Pitt is going to be a new world this fall. You’ll be using new technologies; virtual services will replace many in-person opportunities; and new health procedures will be in effect. Here are the top 10 IT support resources that Pitt IT provides to help you navigate whatever COVID-19 throws in your path.

August 18, 2020

I’m not going to pretend to be a hip Gen-Z (as evidenced by the fact that I just said “hip Gen-Z”). But I have some insider information about why your parents may struggle to treat you as an adult and how technology can make it easier.

August 05, 2020

Students will start moving onto campus next week! Where did the summer go? You’ve been preparing to take classes and participate in college life in the midst of a pandemic. It will be a challenge, but your resilience makes Panther Nation proud—#H2P!

August 05, 2020

Students will start moving onto campus next week—one of whom will be my own son, an incoming Pitt freshman. So believe me when I say that I could not be more appreciative of all of your hard work in preparing to teach in the midst of a pandemic! I figured the least I could do is provide a few helpful tips for getting started with Canvas.

July 29, 2020

It has been a wild few months, to say the least, but Pitt's campus is reopening! Get ready to return to Oakland—the fall semester will be here before you know it. Because moving onto campus is hectic enough under normal circumstances, why not try to make things a bit less hectic by completing some IT tasks before you arrive? Here are my top tech to-do's: 

July 22, 2020

In 1975, a Business Week article quoted a tech expert who predicted that offices would be paperless in 20 years. Forty-five years later, we still haven’t gotten there. We probably never will—but we can get a whole lot closer!

July 14, 2020

While many people have discovered that Skype for Business is a pretty useful app, there’s even more to love about Microsoft Teams. In fact, when Microsoft acquired Skype, they incorporated its best features into Teams— plus lots of additional features and better integration with Office 365—for a superior communications tool with significantly more functionality.

July 08, 2020

Summer is here, and many of us are cautiously emerging from our COVID quarantine like a wide-eyed caveman seeing the new world for the first time … but with a face mask, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a 6-foot radius of personal space. After three months at home, I’m actually considering doing something and going somewhere.

July 01, 2020

We are Generation Z! Digital natives and self-learners. We grew up in the age of technological innovation. We use technology for communication, entertainment, research, education, and work—basically anything you can think of. Technology and social media make up every part of our daily lives.

June 25, 2020

The end of the spring term was hectic for Pitt IT, as they worked around the clock to support the University’s sudden shift to remote operations.

June 18, 2020

Research requires more than collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of managing a lab, especially when your staff is small and you’re mentoring undergraduate researchers.

June 10, 2020

When I came to work for Pitt IT, I didn’t really know what to expect. Growing up in the information age, I’m no stranger to technology. You might relate to me—you’ve got multiple social media accounts. You order things online when you need them. You’re shocked when your landlord doesn’t let you pay your rent virtually.