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University Computing Accounts and Account Management


To maintain a safe computing environment at the University, every user must have an account with an associated username and password, along with corresponding user information. The Account Management System is the technical infrastructure that provides this functionality. Once users access the system with their University username and password, they are considered to be authenticated. The information collected by servers and network equipment can be used to determine who is responsible for computing activity and where it is taking place at the University.

Accounts are automatically created for students, faculty, and staff. New students activate their University Computing Accounts through an online account activation tool at My Pitt ( In addition to automatically created accounts, each responsibility center has a designated administrator with rights to create sponsored accounts for their specific area. The system follows approved rules for deletion of accounts; however, sponsored accounts expire annually. Graduating students are also entitled to Alumni accounts, permitting them to keep their Pitt Email (Outlook) mailbox for as long as they like.

Account usernames are used as University email addresses. A University username with the designation is the official email address for University students and employees.

There are three types of accounts: Primary, Sponsored, and Resource.