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Teaching and Training with OneNote Class Notebooks

Last week, I extolled the virtues of Microsoft OneNote, an online note-taking app that can make you the Marie Kondo of online organization. This week, I’m digging deeper with OneNote Class Notebooks for use in teaching and learning. While instructors use the Canvas Learning Management System for credit-bearing academic classes, those engaged in training or extra-curricular learning opportunities may find that OneNote Class Notebooks are the perfect way to help your students learn, retain, and apply the information you cover!

A Few Notes About OneNote

Thanks to Microsoft OneNote, gone are the days of having random notepapers strewn across your desk, a collection of binders on your shelf, or lugging a notebook to meetings. A OneNote digital notebook saves and syncs all your notes as you work—and is available from any device using the web, desktop, or mobile app. All your notes are always with you, so you can stay on top of your to-do list, organize all the things you need to remember, and flesh out new ideas. By learning just a few tips and tricks, OneNote may just become your next favorite app.

Giving Students a Virtual Sandbox

You’re an instructor whose course involves extensive hands-on work in a computing lab with specially configured machines. Suddenly, a pandemic hits and your class needs to be delivered remotely. How do you teach in a way that enables students to gain meaningful experience and truly learn to apply the concepts?

9 Ways Scammers Exploit Social Media

During the pandemic, social media use has exploded. From Facebook and Twitter, to TikTok and YouTube, it’s many people’s primary source of news, socializing, entertainment, or activism. It can be great! It’s also a goldmine for scammers. Phishing, social engineering, identity theft, and hacking have all moved into your feed. Stay safe on your favorite networks by avoiding these common traps.

Tech After Graduation

In the past year, Pitt students have showed tremendous resilience. Now, the Class of 2021 is ready to don their caps and gowns! Between finding a job or preparing to start graduate school, to saying goodbye to college friends and moving into a new place, what happens to the tech services you were using probably isn’t your top concern. But before you Ctrl-Alt-Shift from student to alumni, here are some tech considerations you need to know.

From the Classroom, to the Lab, to the Community

When Jeremy Olin came to Pitt as a computer science major, it seemed only logical to get a job in the Student Computing Labs. It offered flexible hours, and it enabled him to gain experience working with customers with varied levels of computer skills. Olin enjoyed the work because it forced him outside of his computer science bubble. “Having a student-facing job gave me a little more perspective on other students with different skills sets,” says Olin.

8 Ways to Defuse Zoom Bombing

Remember Zoom bombing? It was all over the news as the pandemic began. Unfortunately, it is still with us, particularly in these fraught times. When your meeting or class is small, it’s easy to keep an eye on who has connected and what they are doing. But in bigger meetings, there are more chances for people to cause havoc. So pay attention to your options when setting up a meeting. Here are eight ways to keep unwanted behavior from disrupting your class.

Saying Goodbye to Server Maintenance, But Not Control

When Max Novelli joined the Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Lab (RNEL) as a programmer, RNEL’s data was stored on a local storage device sitting in a closet. He took on the role of server and system management to ensure the integrity of their critical research data. Now RNEL’s head of informatics and data, he needed to ensure that managing storage servers didn’t take over his whole job.

Visualizing Your Path to Graduation

Imagine yourself walking on a path through Schenley Park. The earth is soft beneath your feet. With each step you take, your mind relaxes a little more. In the distance, you see a panther. He is gentle, beckoning you toward him. “You will be become part of my pride, a Panther for life,” Roc tells you. Take a deep breath, as you imagine … graduation.