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Hacking the Human

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month—Pitt IT’s favorite time of year. Techies often focus on the high-tech methods hackers use to crack passwords, bypass firewalls, infect a device, and steal people’s data or money. But the truth is that most cybercriminals don’t hack your system. Instead, they hack you. In other words, they trick you into giving them the keys to the castle using social engineering.

The A–Z of Cybersecurity

It’s finally October! While many people are hyped for Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes, the folks in Pitt IT are jazzed for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Despite all the advanced tools, security reviews, secure network design, and constant vigilance of Pitt IT to protect University systems, accounts, and computers, the most crucial security safeguard is … YOU! By understanding how hackers work and what to look for when it comes to cybersecurity risks, you can stop hackers before they arrive. Here are 26 terms* you should understand to #BeCyberSmart!

IT Tools for Researchers

Pitt researchers use their extensive knowledge, boundless curiosity, and innovative techniques to bring new ideas to life. It takes robust technology tools to help investigators collect, store, and analyze the data; document their processes and results; and share and work with collaborators and lab personnel. Pitt IT supports the work of researchers, so they can focus on doing what they do best: making the University of Pittsburgh one of the top research institutions in the world!

Visualizing Data for Better Decision-Making at the CRC

Pitt’s Center for Research Computing (CRC) provides researchers with free access to advanced computing hardware and software, along with training and consultation by CRC research faculty. University faculty are able to perform resource-intensive functions, such as simulations; data, image, and text analysis; and genomic sequencing to help give shape to innovative ideas.

Protect Your Tech, Protect Yourself: Safe Computing at Pitt

A new semester brings many things: new members of the Pitt community, a new schedule, and a new year of working on your device. Unfortunately, it also brings new cybersecurity threats, with hackers hoping to wreak havoc with your online identity. But you can stop them in their tracks. Here are some tips for keeping your information, your devices, and yourself safe and secure.

Load Up: Top IT Perks

It takes a lot of PCs, servers, storage, and systems to support the University’s teaching, learning, and research mission. But it’s hard to think of all that technology as a perk. It’s Pitt IT’s job to think about the computing infrastructure that is the backbone of so much that happens on our five campuses. But there are other IT benefits that are provided specifically to you.