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End of Semester Tech Tips & Tasks

It’s hard to believe there are only few weeks left in the spring semester. Time flies when you’re having fun and staying busy! We here at Pitt IT wish everyone luck as they hand in their final assignments and tackle upcoming deadlines. Whether you’re graduating at the end of the month, looking to land a good summer job or internship, or merely planning to relax for a few months, here are some tips and tasks we recommend you complete as the spring semester comes to an end.

5 Word Features You Should Be Using

When Microsoft Word was released, it made word processing easy. Now, most people can do basic formatting without a thought. If you aren’t a designer, editor, or creator of specialized documents, you have little need for the most advanced capabilities. But there are several lesser-known features that are life-savers in the right circumstances. Here are the top 5 tools you should definitely learn more about.

Manage, Track, and Schedule Your Lab with LabArchives

Running a lab requires a diverse set of skills that go beyond mastery of the subject matter and designing a study. Data management, inventory management, and space/equipment scheduling are important, too. In the past, researchers used everything from sign-up sheets and inventory logs, to reems of notebooks and individual PCs to keep track of everything.

Addressing Diversity in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most talked-about tech fields right now. As of late 2021, there are hundreds of thousands of open cybersecurity jobs in the United States. However, while the jobs are plentiful, diversity in cybersecurity is scarce. According to the Aspen Digital Tech Policy hub, only 4% of the IT security workforce identifies as Hispanic, 8% as Asian, and 9% as Black. On top of that, only 24% identify as women.

IT Services You Didn’t Know You Were Using

Some of the services provided by Pitt IT are hard to miss. When you visit Student Computing Labs, Pitt Print Stations or Drop-In Support on campus, call the 24/7 IT Help Desk, or have a Pitt IT consultant providing on-site support, it’s pretty clear you’re working with Pitt IT. However, the work that Pitt IT does to support the faculty, staff, and students of the University goes far beyond these obvious services.

Acing the Lab … the Computing Kind

Pitt IT’s Student Computing Labs are equipped with high-performance computers loaded with access to dozens of academic, productivity, creativity, and scientific apps. The labs provide students with a quiet, comfortable place to work while on campus. Whether you’re just killing a little time between classes or settling in for a long study session, here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of the labs.

Safe in Any Place: Remote Cybersecurity

For many of us, working from home seems here to stay. In September 2021, 45% of full-time employees in the U.S. worked remotely, even though most workplaces had re-opened. At Pitt, many faculty and staff have transitioned to part-time or full-time remote work arrangements, and many students are prioritizing jobs that will allow them to work from home in some capacity.

Printing to Perfection

People are printing far less than they used to. That’s a good thing—it saves money, trees, and waste. Plus, the convenience of going digital just can’t be beat. That said, printers aren’t going anywhere. There are still times when you will want or need to print something out.