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Get One Step Ahead with OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service that lets you store and protect your files, share and simultaneously edit documents, get to your files from anywhere on all your devices, and even recover previous versions or deleted files. (If you’re not familiar with these features, check out this article.) But OneDrive pros utilize other exceptionally handy features that really take you to the next level.

Research Technology for Research Impact

Research takes place in labs. In libraries. At historical sites. In polls, statistical repositories, and news reels. Research methods can be as varied as the fields in which they occur, but one thing they have in common is an increasing reliance on technology.

Pitt IT provides tech that helps researchers in all disciplines to collect, store, and process the data; document their methods, results, and conclusions; and share and collaborate with colleagues and partners. Here are the top Pitt IT tools researchers can start using today.

Top 6 Resources for IT Help

Image of WordPerfect 6 from early 1990sTechnology gets smarter and more intuitive with every passing year. If you have no memory of slogging your way through a word processing program that looked like this (right), then consider yourself lucky.

But even as technology has gotten more advanced, you still occasionally run into a snag and have no idea how to resolve it. Fortunately, Pitt IT has a wealth of resources to help when you run into a problem. Here’s our top six.

Take a Campus IT Tour

Welcome (back) to campus, Panthers! When you were considering Pitt, many of you took a guided tour of the campus. During Welcome Week, you’ll be exploring your new home for the next four years, figuring out where to eat, where your classes are, and where the fun stuff takes place.

Technology is a huge part of your life and your education. Knowing where to find the technology resources you’ll need should be an important step in your orientation. Here’s a recommended tour of your on-campus technology resources.

Top Tech Tasks to Do First

Many universities use the term “arrival survival” to describe the return to campus. Though with a little planning, there’s no need for survival techniques to make your move-in seamless. Here are a few key IT tasks to complete before or shortly after you arrive to make sure you get connected and stay in the know.

Syllabus-Ready IT Suggestions

Putting together an exceptional course is not easy. As you put together your syllabus or Canvas site for your exceptional fall classes, remember to include information about applicable technology resources available to your students. Consider the following suggestions from Pitt Information Technology:

Have Meeting, Will Register

One of the more common questions Pitt Information Technology fields is how to create a registration page for an online event or webinar, instead of manually inviting specific people via a meeting invite. With a publicly accessible registration page, you can create attention-grabbing promotional materials to attract a wider audience, as well as gather important info about participants and their interests, track who will be attending, and eliminate manual processing of RSVPs. You can create meeting registration pages in Teams, Zoom, and Qualtrics.