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Tech Tips for Acing Finals

Finals week. A rollercoaster of cramming, all-night study sessions, and an alarming spike in caffeine consumption. It doesn’t have to be that bad. Students can prepare for the final stretch using an array of cutting-edge technological resources that can greatly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. So stop worrying and start preparing!

The Ultimate IT Graduation Checklist for Pitt

Hey there, soon-to-be Pitt graduates. Congratulations on reaching this pivotal milestone in your academic journey! As you prepare to bid farewell to the University of Pittsburgh, it’s time to wrap up some tech items before you go. So, before you toss that cap into the air, here's your essential IT checklist to help you seamlessly transition from Pitt to the future that awaits you!

Blog from Abroad: Capture Memories with Great Photos

Hi everyone! Brandon here, one of your Tech Ambassadors, to give you more tips I’ve learned while studying in Spain. I have had so many amazing experiences in Barcelona this term, and I’m recording each one! Whether you are traveling someplace new or living your best life in the ‘Burgh, I cannot stress enough the importance of capturing the moment. (Especially for you seniors getting ready to graduate and move onto new adventures!) Photography has always been an interest of mine, and it’s only grown now that I’m traveling in Europe.

Do a Digital Spring Cleaning

Digitization has transformed the modern world, and the amount of data generated each year is expanding exponentially. About 99% of all existing data was created in just the last decade. Taking control of your data, devices, and online presence has far-ranging implications for you, the University, and the environment. It helps to reduce pollution, mitigates security risks, reduces storage costs, prolongs device lifespan, and simplifies finding and sharing information.

8 Ways Gen Z Uses Tech at Pitt

Gen Z is weaving a complex and dynamic tapestry of technology use that looks quite different than those who came before us. While older generations might see us as the “smartphone generation,” there’s so much more to our digital world than meets the eye. So, buckle up as we take you on a journey into the tech-savvy minds of Gen Z and what we wish you knew about our relationship with technology.

Blog From Abroad: Tips for Fun & Safety

Tech Ambassadors Jacob and Brandon are reporting in from Spain again, sharing the tech tips they've learned while studying, socializing, and exploring in Barcelona. This month, Brandon shares his tips for staying safe physically and digitally while living and visiting a new country. Meanwhile, Jacob shares something just as important — the apps you'll need to explore the culinary wonders of another country!

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From CyberCamp to Cybersecurity

When every click and keystroke can seemingly open the door to hackers, the role of cybersecurity is more critical than ever. At the forefront of this digital frontier is Pitt senior Kevin Fung, an information science major in the School of Computing and Information and a junior security analyst with Pitt Information Technology.

Tech Ambassadors Abroad – Tech Tips From Barcelona!

Pitt IT Tech Ambassadors Jacob Sosinsky (junior, political science/economics) and Brandon Bowman (junior, business information systems/finance) are taking their Panther Pride overseas. They are studying abroad in the vibrant city of Barcelona! They’ve been in Spain for a few weeks and are learning about the countless ways that college and tech use in Spain differs from back home, as well as the many ways they can use the technology to stay connected with their life in the Burgh.