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Preventing Fraud at the Front Door

Signing up hundreds of participants for a new research study in just a few days is something that most researchers only dream of. One group at Pitt did just that after offering up a $10 Amazon gift card for those willing to complete their online survey. However, even with the incentive, that response seemed too good to be true. Turns out, it was, and the researchers were the victims of a bot attack.

Develop a Better Security Routine

You barely even pay attention to it. You hear your phone ding, open the notification, hit the green button, and head back to your laptop to keep working. Simple as could be, right?

Wait a minute. Why did you get a Duo prompt? You weren’t logging into something. Did you just give someone access to your accounts? Oh no. Now 10,000 people just received a phishing scam from your email address, with dozens falling for it.

Elevate Your Excel Skills

Employers today expect their professionals to be proficient in Microsoft Office apps, including Excel. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program with the capability to organize data, make calculations, visualize information, and automate calculations. If you just use Excel to put information into neat and orderly tables, you’re missing out on the most powerful capabilities. Here are some Excel skills you should learn to bring your credentials to the next level.

Microsoft Teams: The New Age of Group Projects

As students, we all know that dreaded feeling of hearing a professor announce a group project. If you’re anything like me, that means more anxiety and stress added to your already-stressful workload. Usually, the dread isn’t because I don’t want to work with other people. The stress comes from having to coordinate with other people. Needing everyone’s phone numbers, emails, and schedules for endless back-and-forths, sharing files with each other, and arranging times to meet (which is harder with people on campus, off campus, and commuting).

Top Tech Skills for the Workplace

In an increasingly technological world where many employers offer remote positions, digital savviness and tech skills can make you and your resume stand out from the crowd. While most of us have experience using laptops and joining Zoom meetings, being workforce-ready is a whole new ballgame. Read on to learn the top tech skills to cultivate to boost your resume.

Partnering with Neurodiverse Solutions to Bring Automated Testing Solutions to Pitt

The CAI Neurodiverse Solutions team and Pitt Information Technology implemented new automated testing practices to streamline IT infrastructure management for the University.

Nestled in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh is a leading public research university. The school serves a large body of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students and employs more than 8,200 staff members.

Everything to Know About Winter Tech Safety

The moment of stepping into a pool with your phone in your pocket is a moment we all dread. The same goes for if your phone falls into the snow, or your laptop accidentally sits in your trunk overnight in freezing temps. With the latest tech advancements, this moment doesn’t necessarily mean your device is toast … but it doesn’t mean it’s completely safe, either. Keeping your beloved technology safe is easier than you think. You just need to follow a few precautions to keep your tech safe during the winter season.

Meeting My New Year’s Resolutions with Tech

As the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight, we enter a new year of experiences and opportunities. But it wouldn’t be the New Year without resolutions. Many people around the world make New Year’s resolutions, only to completely forget about them a week into January. But there are many apps, websites, and online services that can help you actually keep your resolutions. Here are my 2023 New Year’s resolutions and the technology that will help me stick to them.