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Technology Training


We provide a wide variety of training resources to help University students, faculty, and staff become more proficient with computing resources and applications to facilitate academic and job productivity. Technology workshops are offered through the Human Resources Faculty and Staff Development Program, and business areas can also request technology workshops tailored to their specific departmental needs. Orientation sessions are provided to new Enterprise Digital Signage content administrators and iTunes U content administrators. Self-paced, online training videos are available for the Student Information System (PeopleSoft). Pitt Information Technology (Pitt IT) also provides an overview of computing resources at the University for students, faculty, and staff orientation sessions throughout the school year.

Departmental Workshops

Pitt IT provides training for both new and existing administrative applications and tools that are used by University staff. Learn more about training options for your department.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Pitt IT hosts quarterly meetings of the Business Intelligence Practice Group. Meetings feature updates on the University’s data and analytics initiatives, guest speakers, tips, and training. The BI Practice Group website provides documentation, resources, and discussion for the group. You can join the group by completing a short online form.

Pitt IT provides consulting to administrators at the University of Pittsburgh in the areas or reporting, analytics, and data science. If you are interested in dashboards, data analysis, predictive analytics, or have other data-related needs, contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk to arrange for a consultation. If you are interested in attending a Cognos Jobs training session, please request "Training for Creating and Running Jobs in Cognos" in your help request.

Enterprise Digital Signage

Pitt IT provides instruction to academic centers and departments on the creation, maintenance, and sharing of content through our Enterprise Digital Signage software.

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Faculty and Staff Development Program

Pitt IT provides technology workshops through the Human Resources Faculty and Staff Development Program, and business areas can also request technology workshops to their specific departmental needs.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Training Manuals

iTunes U

When a department designates or changes an iTunes U Content Administrator, Pitt IT will contact the individual to schedule an orientation session that provides an overview of both the iTunes U service and the responsibilities of Content Administrators.

Online Technology Training with

Our Online Technology Training service provides unlimited access to more than 2,000 online training videos on technical and business applications, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, digital photography, web design, animation, blogging, video editing, and more through a partnership with Click here for more information about

Student Information System (PeopleSoft)

We provide a self-service video introduction to the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) for new administrative users. For more information, visit the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) community at My Pitt ( The University Registrar’s Office provides Student Information System (PeopleSoft) training materials, here.

Technology Services Orientations

We also provide an overview of computing resources at the University for Student, Faculty, and Staff Orientation Sessions throughout the school year. Any academic center that is interested in including a Computing Resources presentation on their student orientation agenda can call the 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357).

Training Feedback

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our training services. Please share your thoughts with us.

University Library System Training

For Mendeley, EndNote, and Zotero Citation Tools and Training, go to

Software Training

A broad range of software training is available online through In addition, Adobe Education Exchange provides access to a wealth of free professional development courses and workshops, free teaching materials, and the expertise of a community of creative educators.