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Student Information System (PeopleSoft)

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Information Technology provides system administration and development support for Student Information System (PeopleSoft), a comprehensive suite of software serving as a system of record for academic administration. 

  • Students use similar tools to securely register for classes, check their grades, and view class schedules.
  • Faculty use online tools to securely view their teaching schedule, check class rosters, record grades, and view course information.
  • Authorized University staff use the system to manage the entire student lifecycle, from recruiting and admissions to student services through graduation. It's secure environment provides web-based access from any location.

The information contained in the Student Information System is critical to a number of departments at the University and must be centrally maintained. In addition, the system contains protected data and must meet specific security criteria for storage and access.

Getting Started

Requesting Access to the Student Information System:

Completing the request process

Access to the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) is governed by a Federated Authorization process. It ensures that users only have access to the data required to fulfill their University responsibilities.

A. Before submitting an access request, review the following descriptions about process-based roles:

  • End user: Person for whom access is being requested.
  • Security contact: Individuals designated by their University unit to ensure authorized employees have access only to the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) data needed to perform their jobs.
    View all security contacts (PDF)
  • University data steward: Individuals responsible for granting additional approval when a certain level of access is requested.  
  • Pitt Information Technology security analyst: Pitt IT staff members responsible for reviewing and granting final approval to all access requests.

B. Follow these steps to submit an access request:

  1. The security contact submits the online request form on behalf of the end user.
    View instructions (PDF)

  2. The end user receives an email notification, reviews the digital form, and signs it.
    View instructions (PDF) or Watch a video

  3. The data steward receives an email notification (if necessary), reviews the digital form, and signs it.
    View instruction (PDF)

  4. The Pitt IT security analyst receives an email notification, reviews the digital form, and signs it.

  5. The end user and security contact receive an email notification confirming access has been granted.

Note: When requesting access for a new user, you may sometimes want the new user's access to be similar to the access of a current user. You can look up an existing user's roles (PDF) in the Student Information System and use them as a reference when completing step 1 above.

Enhancing your Student Information System experience:

Accessing PeopleSoft on your mobile device

Pitt PS Mobile enables students, faculty, and advisors to access the most commonly used features of the Student Information System through mobile devices using one of the following methods:

  • Visit, tap Login, and login with your University Computing Account username and password. 
  • Using one of the links on the right side of this page, download the Pitt PS Mobile app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Pitt App Center. Then login with your University Computing Account username and password.

For more detailed mobile device instructions, visit the PeopleSoft Mobile page.

Note: The PeopleSoft Mobile site, Pitt App Center, and Pitt PS Mobile app use Pitt Passport single sign-on for multifactor authentication.

Using the Student Information System:

Accessing your account anywhere

Sign in to, search for PeopleSoft and select a result, then click Start.


Log in to My Pitt, then select PeopleSoft or Pitt PS Mobile from the right-hand side of the page.
Note: Both AskCathy and My Pitt use Pitt Passport single sign-on for multifactor authentication.


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