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Technology Workshop Class Descriptions

Pitt IT provides technology workshops on topics ranging from Microsoft Office to IT security.  There are regularly scheduled courses available for individual faculty and staff through the Human Resources Faculty & Staff Development Program (FSDP).  These classes can also be conducted on site for departments, and the classes can be customized to meet your staff's specific needs.

Course Descriptions

  • Box Basics: Getting Started with Cloud Collaboration - New! 

    Learn how to access, edit, store, share, and comment on files online—for real-time cloud collaboration—from anywhere in the world. Plus, discover the benefits provided by useful Box apps, like Box Edit and Box Drive.

  • DocuSign Basics: Gather eSignatures and Manage Document Workflow

  • Attend this hands-on introductory session to learn how to electronically send, sign, and manage documents using the University's eSignature Service (DocuSign).
  • IT Security: Protecting Yourself and the University from Cyberthreats

    Pitt Information Technology has a robust array of security measures and centralized security controls to protect the University’s network and data, but we also need your help. Everyone affiliated with Pitt shares in the responsibility of protecting the University’s computing environment. The goal of this session is to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to protect yourself—and the University—from cyberthreats.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Professional Development On Demand

    Make the most of a fantastic professional development resource—LinkedIn Learning. Learn how to search thousands of courses in business, technology, and creative skills. Create and share playlists, bookmark your favorite courses, and earn certificates of completion.
  • Microsoft Excel 2019: Worksheet, Formula, and Chart Fundamentals

    We'll cover building spreadsheets, worksheet fundamentals, working with basic formulas, and creating charts.
  • Microsoft Excel 2019: Unleash the Power of PivotTables

    Explore how to use Microsoft Excel Charts and the PivotTables 2019 feature to concisely summarize and manage large amounts of data for easy reporting and analysis. Manage subtotals and grand totals, group data, apply conditional formatting for data subsets, and create macros.
  • Microsoft Office 2019: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Quick Start

    Three essential tools; one helpful class. Create, format, and edit Word documents. Format Excel spreadsheets and work with basic formulas. Craft dynamic PowerPoint slides with transitions and animation. You'll find it all here.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019: Organize Your Inbox

    Take advantage of quick tips to manage and organize your email. We'll also cover shortcuts that make it easier to navigate and perform common commands.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Punch Up Your Presentation

    A dynamic presentation begins with sound fundamentals. Learn how to format slides, use themes, insert and edit pictures, apply transitions, add animation, and more.
  • Microsoft Word 2019: Personalization and Graphics

    Discover how to create a personalized Mail Merge for multiple recipients and get creative with your documents using Word's Illustrations feature.
  • Microsoft Word 2019: Word Wizardry Fundamentals

    Learn how to format documents, work with tables, track changes, use templates, check grammar, format images, adjust page layouts, print documents, and create mail merges.
  • Panopto Lecture Capture: Record and Share Your Own Videos

    Lecture Capture (Panopto/Pitt Video) enables you to record lectures, meetings, and department training sessions. Get acquainted with Panopto's recording features, then learn how to upload and share your videos.
  • Qualtrics Basics: Create Your Own Online Surveys

    Pitt’s Online Survey System (Qualtrics) allows you to easily create and distribute surveys, collect data, analyze responses, and present results using professional-quality graphs. Learn how to create a customer satisfaction survey in this hands-on workshop designed for those with little to no experience. Topics include question types, blocks, distribution options, reporting, and more.
  • Qualtrics Next Steps: Do More with Online Surveys - New! 

    This workshop is for staff who are interested in taking their skills using Pitt’s Online Survey System (Qualtrics) to the next level. Participants in this hands-on session will use Qualtrics to create a meeting registration survey. Topics include question validation, display logic, email triggers, contact list triggers, quotas, survey flow, and more.