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Request GL Mart Access


Access to the GL Mart is governed by a Federated Authorization process that is designed to ensure users have access only to the data they require to fulfill their University responsibilities.

This webpage explains the request process for requesting access to the GL Mart and for requesting access to the GL Mart CDS Group.

Submitting Requests

Staff members may submit two types of requests:

1. A request for access to existing GL Mart reports (Instructions)

2. A request to create new accounting groups for GL Mart reporting purposes (Instructions)

Complete the appropriate request form and submit it to the Financial Data Approver (PDF) in your responsibility center for approval. Responsibility Center heads should contact Sharon Sobol to update the approvers listed in this document.

Upon review, the Financial Data Approver will then submit the form to the University's Financial Data Steward, Peter L. DeNardis in Room 1911 Cathedral of Learning or to for further processing.