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PeopleSoft Mobile

PeopleSoft Mobile makes it faster and easier for students, faculty, and advisors to access the most commonly used features of the Student Information System with their smartphone or tablet.

PeopleSoft Mobile delivers a responsive and easy-to-use mobile interface that works seamlessly with the core functionality of the Student Information System.

  • Students can use PeopleSoft Mobile to search for courses, add and drop classes, check their class schedule, access their planners, and view their grades. 
  • Students who are applying to the University of Pittsburgh may access several services through Pitt PS Mobile. You can use it to browse or search for classes, view the course catalog, read student announcements, familiarize yourself with buildings on campus, or find people you know through the online directory
  • Faculty may use it to view their class roster, enter grades, view advisees, and check their weekly schedule. Both students and faculty can view their weekly schedules in a streamlined, easier-to-read design, and they can download their schedule with just a few quick taps.

Pitt PS Mobile

There are two ways to take advantage of PeopleSoft Mobile:

  1. Log in to My Pitt and click the PeopleSoft Mobile link.
  2. Download the Pitt PS Mobile app from the Pitt App Store.(iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).

While PeopleSoft Mobile provides access to the most frequently used functions of the Student Information System, some features are not yet optimized for mobile devices. You can still access the full version of the Student Information System from your desktop or laptop by clicking the Student Center link at My Pitt (

Click here to learn more:  Student Information System (PeopleSoft).

Pitt PS Mobile