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ITAC Data Governance Subcommittee

Data Governance Subcommittee

Institutional data is a critical University asset and consists of all data, excluding research data generated as work product, that is created, stored, sent, or received by any and all members of the University community. The amount of institutional data is expanding rapidly, and its potential value is increasing as new systems and technologies come into use. The University has set goals for institutional data, yet existing policies and procedures provide insufficient guidance on how the University can accomplish these goals in a responsible, compliant, and ethical manner. These goals include:

  1. Unlocking the potential of institutional data;
  2. Supporting innovation in the use of institutional data in education, research, and operations;
  3. Making institutional data broadly available to all who need it; and
  4. Advancing a culture of data-informed decision making.

The DGS will help achieve these goals by providing  ITAC, the Office of the CIO, the Office of Policy Development and Management, the Office of Compliance, Investigations & Ethics, the University’s Privacy Officer and other key University units with expert advice and counsel on any and all matters related to the management, security and governance of enterprise data and related systems, to include identifying the need for new or revised policies, procedures, and controls for institutional data as well as best practices to protect individual privacy.


  • Michael Madison*, Professor, School of Law


  • James Baldwin*, VP of Enrollment Management, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
  • Amanda Brodish, Office of the Provost
  • Laurel Gift*, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Compliance, Investigations, and Ethics
  • Tony Graham, Policy Development and Management
  • Carolyn Hoyt*, Vice Chancellor, Advancement Services
  • Jason Killmeyer, Staff, Office of Human Resources
  • Lisa Parker, Faculty, School of Law/GSPH
  • Andi Saptono, Faculty, Health Information Management
  • Melissa Schild, Administrator, SVC/CFO
  • Fiona Seels, Staff, Education Office of the Dean
  • Jonathan Silverstein, Faculty, Biomedical Informatics
  • Michael Spring, Faculty Emeritus, School of Computing and Information 
  • Jennifer Woodward, Office of the SVC Research
  • Da Yang, Faculty, Pharmaceutical Science
  • Angela Zack, Faculty, Health Sciences Library System

Also an ITAC member

Additional Participants

  • Chad Burton, Pitt IT Liaison
  • Brian Hart, Coordinator


Meetings - held monthly. Agendas and minutes of past meetings are available to members in the Teams folder.