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Pitt Mobile: All Things Pitt … On-the-Go

Those first few days and weeks at Pitt are a whirlwind. So much information is thrown at you during Welcome Week, when you were most concerned about finding your classes and getting moved into your residence hall. Now that you know what you’re doing, it’s time to take your Panther prowess to the next level with the Pitt Mobile app. It’s the only app you need to keep track of everything going on at Pitt!

Pitt Mobile Is Your Gateway App

Keeping track of all the apps you need to manage your academic and social life at Pitt can be a pain. Canvas, Pathways Navigate, PeopleSoft CX … who actually wants to go through all those apps every day?! Pitt Mobile makes it so you don’t have to. It pulls in notifications, deadlines, and other data so that it’s all visible from a single integrated app.

When you need to access detailed information or complete tasks that must be done in a different app, you can just tap that appropriate tile in Pitt Mobile’s Campus Guide, and it will automatically open that app for you! If you don’t have a needed app installed when you click the tile, Pitt Mobile will automatically direct you to your app store to download it (no need to search for it and hope you’ve selected the right one). Accessing apps from Pitt Mobile allows you to seamlessly navigate between systems with a simple tap from one simple app. What could be more convenient?

Combine Your Calendars

There’s your class schedule. Your work schedule. Your Google calendar. Pitt Mobile pulls it all together so you can see your whole day at a glance. Your class schedule is automatically pulled in from PeopleSoft, and Pitt Mobile also allows you to sync other personal calendars from Google. You can also create ad-hoc events and add them to the calendar so they show up along with your courses and other synched calendars.

See What’s Due When for All Your Courses

Pitt Mobile integrates with Canvas, so any due dates, exam dates, and other assignments entered there are visible on the app. You can also add your own ad-hoc due dates for important deadlines that you don’t want to miss, such as group project meetings, advisor appointments, or task deadlines (like when you want to complete a first draft of a paper).

See What’s Happening at Pitt

Great events are always happening at Pitt, but who actually remembers to check the University Events Calendar every day? Don’t miss opportunities that you want to participate in. Just go to the Events tile in the Campus Guide to browse events and activities and add them to your Pitt Mobile calendar. To make sure you don’t miss them, you can set a reminder by just selecting it for any event in your calendar.

Connect with Friends

One of the best parts of coming to Pitt are the friends and classmates you’ll meet. Keep in touch, coordinate classwork, and let each other know about events you might want to attend together. You don’t even need to give out your phone number. Instead you can send private messages by just looking up the person’s name or username. It’s like GroupMe just for Pitt!

Campus Resources at Your Fingertips

The Pitt Mobile app gives you access to a huge range of Pitt services from the convenience of one app. Check to see if washing machines are open in the laundry room. Link to the Computing Labs to see if they are open. Just like my.pitt.edu is the starting point for finding University services from a web browser, the Pitt Mobile app is your starting point on your mobile device!

Download Pitt Mobile Now!

Don’t let Pitt Mobile be one of those services you wish you’d known about and started using. Download it now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, you will be prompted to select your Campus and Experience, which you can change at any time. This personalizes the content to you! Those who try Pitt Mobile love Pitt Mobile — check out the user reviews! Give it a try yourself.

-- By Karen Beaudway, Pitt IT Blogger