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The Pitt App Center

Looking for mobile-friendly ways to access the tools you use at Pitt? The Pitt App Center in My Pitt delivers dozens of Pitt-related mobile apps from one convenient location.


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The Pitt App Center

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There are thousands of apps out there. The Pitt App Center collects and organizes only the apps that are relevant to your Pitt experience.

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The Pitt App Center organizes Pitt-relevant apps into a single convenient location. Want an even faster way to download new apps? Take a look at the commonly used Apps below and follow their links to their respective tasks in MyPitt.

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All Your Important Pitt Apps, One Convenient Location

There's an App for That

The Pitt App Center has dozens of free or discounted apps that will allow you to add classes, view grades, check your schedule, store and share documents in the cloud, watch training videos, use Microsoft Office, read campus news, prepare for career fairs, digitally sign documents, and much more.

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Visit the Pitt App Center in My Pitt to browse all available apps or go to your device-specific listing to narrow down the selection.

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Publishing Apps with the University of Pittsburgh

Have a Pitt-Related App You Think Should Be Included?

Making your new app available to the public is easy as a member of the University of Pittsburgh. You can even request to use the University's app signature when submitting to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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What Can You Find in the Pitt App Center?

You're sure to find helpful tools in the Pitt App Center. Even though we now offer a wide range of apps, more are on the way. So check out what you can access today and then be sure to check back when you need something in the future.