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CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn)

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" "CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn) is the University of Pittsburgh's web-based course and learning management system. The full version of the service is accessible by clicking the CourseWeb (Blackboard) link at the My Pitt website. Students and faculty engage and collaborate without needing to download plug-ins or install desktop software.

Mobile apps for students and instructors provide access to the most frequently used features of CourseWeb. Organize your academic life while you're on the go!

Streamlined, mobile-friendly web conferencing is easy-to-use and fully integrated into CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn).

Benefits of CourseWeb


  • Keep up-to-date on assignments
  • Join virtual classes and collaborate on projects
  • Stay in touch with your instructors and classmates
  • Engage with your instructor using the hand-raising feature to ask questions

Instructors:" "

  • Augment your classroom instruction with digital media, including whiteboards, handouts, notes, sample exercises, presentations, podcasts, videos, files, and related readings
  • Check your courses and monitor discussions—even while on the go
  • Engage your students in collaborative and reflective learning activities, including discussion forums, wikis, blogs, and journals
  • Send announcements to your students
  • Record and deliver grades on classroom tests and assignments
  • Track the order in which students ask questions through the hand-raising feature
  • Use a mobile-friendly format to create and record sessions

Getting Started with CourseWeb is Easy

Activate your account by completing a CourseWeb profile:

First time login for student or faculty

  1. Log in to My Pitt
  2. Click CourseWeb (Blackboard).
  3. You are asked to create a profile. Accept the Blackboard Profiles Terms of Service.
    Note: To learn more about profiles, see the Student Knowledgebase.

Enhance your CourseWeb experience:

Set up your mobile device

  1. From your iOS or Android device, use the Download links on this page to download the Blackboard app (for students) or the Blackboard Instructor app (for faculty).
    Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor mobile apps
  2. Launch the app.
    Note: If prompted for an institution, search for and select University of Pittsburgh.
  3. Tap Web Login.
    Blackboard website login
  4. Log in with your University Computing Account username and password.
    Note: The Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps use Pitt Passport single sign-on for multifactor authentication.

Use CourseWeb:

Access your account anywhere

Choose one of these secure options to log in using multifactor authentication through Pitt Passport:

  • Log in to, search for and select CourseWeb (Blackboard), then click Start.
  • Log in to My Pitt with your University Computing Account username and password. Select CourseWeb (Blackboard).
  • Log in to the Blackboard or Blackboard Instructor app installed on your mobile device.

More Ways to Get the Most from CourseWeb