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Proof in Numbers: Data to Drive Diversity

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion ( strives to embed diversity and advance inclusion as transformational forces throughout the University’s five campuses. While ODI and their institutional partners have a clear vision, the number and variety of information sources makes it challenging to identify key indicators and track progress.

Sounds like the type of challenge that the Pitt IT Analytics team lives for!

“Diversity and Inclusion are everyone’s responsibility. Here at Pitt, we have many leaders who are really committed to creating an environment where every individual can realize their full potential,” said Pamela Connelly, Pitt’s vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion. “However, that vision will be difficult to reach if we can’t meaningfully measure the University’s progress and identify areas for additional focus.”

ADI created a comprehensive dashboard for ODI that pulls data from multiple decentralized sources into one user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface, allowing leaders an access point for viewing institutional-wide data—such as climate survey results and diversity spending—to track trends over time. “Working with ADI gave us access to a wealth of data not previously available in one place. The team was great to work with, showed great interest in the project, and also super responsive,” Connelly said. 

Pitt IT is delighted to play such an important role in fostering diversity, celebrating differences, promoting equity, eliminating discrimination, and advancing equal access to all opportunities at Pitt.