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IT Vision and Strategy: Opportunities and Outcomes

What We Imagine Doing; Informed by the Plan for Pitt

IT Vision illustrative graphic

Enriched Student Experience

Enrich the overall college experience—academically and socially

  • Personalized learning
  • New generation mobile apps for engagement with university and beyond
  • Information at anytime, anywhere, on any device, customizable to the student’s desire
  • Professional experience opportunities, perhaps for credit
  • Microsoft partnership for possible student ecosystem
  • Accessibility is considered as part of the student experience

Student Outcomes:

  • Higher recruitment and retention numbers
  • Better overall experience for students
  • “Buzz” about Pitt
  • Individualized learning opportunities
  • Information when students want/need it, on any device, customizable

Enhanced Faculty Support

Develop an environment that enhances the research enterprise in concert with faculty input

  • Standardized classroom technologies
  • Portfolio of IT services to support the research enterprise
  • Effective software licenses in support of Pitt researchers
  • Implementation of Canvas learning management system
  • AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services in support of teaching and research missions
  • “IT Power Plant” services to support faculty needs

Faculty Outcomes:

  • Better support for research activities, yielding more grants
  • More grant funds for basic research instead of needing to run own IT shop
  • Standard classroom configurations allowing more time teaching, rather than worrying about technology

Digitization of the Campus

Create a digitally enabled foundation for teaching, learning, and research

  • Create an intelligent, data-driven campus able to provide information to the community
  • Utilize smart platforms; improve the public safety footing of the campus
  • Provide pervasive wireless connectivity across campus, buses/shuttles, and the Oakland Fifth & Forbes Avenues corridor
  • Utilize IoT devices to provide data for better managing our environment
  • Work with all IT staff to make Pitt Information Technology the premier destination for IT professionals
  • Include accessibility as part of overall campus initiatives

Campus Outcomes:

  • Intelligent campus able to provide information to students, faculty, staff, and alumni community
  • IoT allowing data collection to better inform decision making
  • Pervasive Wi-Fi across the campus and beyond
  • Better tools and training to enhance staff productivity
  • Training opportunities for staff to move into new jobs if interested

Community Engagement

Enhance the city around us and reduce the digital divide

  • Enhance use of technology in Homewood and Hill District Community Development Centers
  • Leverage vendor partners to offer certification programs at these community centers
  • Participation in community programs by hiring community members into CSSD programs
  • Provide support services/sponsorship to businesses who can connect to our wireless efforts
  • Expand summer IT camps for city youth

Community Outcomes:

  • Better community engagement with Pitt
  • Technology-enabled community development centers
  • Improved skillsets of community members
  • Participation in OnePGH initiatives

Regional Impact

Create a connected destination for innovation

  • Work with non-profit organizations to support OnePGH initiatives
  • Expand community development engagement across the region
  • Enhance technical skills of a critical mass of community members to attract business to the area
  • Provide support services/sponsorship to businesses who can connect to our wireless efforts
  • Expand summer IT camps for community youth across the region

Regional Outcomes:

  • Expansion of community development programs in the region
  • Better skilled workforce as a result of the above
  • Better support for “organic innovation”
  • More entrepreneurs viewing our region as a destination