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Zoom Recordings to be Stored Exclusively in Panopto Beginning Dec. 15

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 13:53


Effective Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020, Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud will be stored only in Lecture Capture (Panopto), which provides easy-to-use editing tools and granular options for sharing recorded meetings. Zoom recordings made on or after Dec. 15 will no longer be stored in Zoom.  

Previous Zoom Recordings

All recordings more than 120 days old will be removed from Zoom on Dec. 15, 2020. All remaining recordings will be removed from Zoom on a rolling basis once they reach 120 days old.

  • Zoom recordings made before May 1, 2020, are saved only in Zoom and will be removed on Dec. 15. If you wish to save these recordings, please transfer them to a cloud storage service like Panopto before Dec. 15.  
  • Zoom recordings made after May 1, 2020, are already stored in Panopto and do not need to be copied or saved elsewhere.

Finding Recordings in Panopto

  • Zoom Recordings made through Canvas can be viewed by clicking the Panopto Video link in the associated Canvas course.
  • Zoom Recordings made outside Canvas are stored in your Panopto My Folder within a sub-folder named Meeting Recordings. You can control access to your recorded meetings by setting sharing permissions on the Meeting Recordings folder

We Are Here to Help

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) if you have questions or need assistance locating or moving your Zoom recordings. More information about using Panopto is available on the Pitt Information Technology website