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Upgrade Integrates Zoom Cloud Recordings with Lecture Capture (Panopto) Effective May 1

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 13:57


Effective Friday, May 1, University Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud will be integrated with Lecture Capture (Panopto), the University’s service for storing and sharing recorded lectures, training sessions, demonstrations, and meetings. The upgrade also makes it easier for instructors to share recorded Zoom lectures with their students via the Panopto Course Navigation link in the Canvas course.

The University of Pittsburgh’s enterprise Zoom agreement already includes robust data protections designed for research and education organizations. Integration with Panopto provides additional security options for your recorded meetings, including more granular options for sharing recorded meetings—either with anyone or only with specific individuals.

Meetings created on or after May 1 that are recorded to the Zoom cloud will be automatically uploaded to Panopto. Recordings of meetings that were created via Zoom or Blackboard are stored in your Panopto My Folder in a sub-folder named Meeting Recordings. You can control access to your recorded meetings by setting sharing permissions on the Meeting Recordings folder. Additionally, recordings of meetings that were created via Canvas can be automatically stored in the Panopto folder associated with the course, if one has already been created.

For additional details, please visit our Information Technology website.