Update to the University’s ERM Service Desk (Salesforce Service Cloud) Allows Case Visibility Across Units | Information Technology | University of Pittsburgh

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Update to the University’s ERM Service Desk (Salesforce Service Cloud) Allows Case Visibility Across Units

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 15:31


On Saturday, Jan. 16, an update to the University’s ERM Service Desk (Salesforce Service Cloud) will provide increased visibility into technical cases across units. This change is designed to improve transparency and efficiency around help desk cases related to technical issues at the University.

How will Salesforce change?

Your Salesforce experience will remain largely the same. However, after January 16, IT support staff will be able to see cases created in the Salesforce Service Cloud by Pitt IT and other units. Similarly, other University technical units using Salesforce Service Cloud will be able to view the Pitt IT cases.

Currently, most University teams in Salesforce only have access to cases they own. Whereas, Pitt IT has visibility into all technical cases. This change gives all technical University help desks access to view the same catalogue of technical cases.

For example, a member of Pitt IT will be able to view a case created by the Swanson School of Engineering’s IT staff. Another example is the School of Law’s IT staff will be able to view a Salesforce case created by Pitt IT, and vice versa.

Please note that you will retain ownership of your cases after the change. Cases are shared across IT teams on a read-only basis and can only be edited by the team that created the case.

Does this change affect non-technical Help Desks?

This change only impacts technical service desks across the University. Any team using Salesforce Service Desk in a non-technical capacity will not be granted increased visibility. These non-technical groups include HR, OAFA, Panther Central, and more. If you have a question about a specific inclusion or exclusion, please submit your question with the IT Service Request form.

What happens next?

Salesforce will be updated on January 16 with the increased visibility. Participating units do not need to make any changes on their end.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) if you have any questions regarding this announcement.