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Talent Center and Adobe Flash Update from the Office of Human Resources

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 08:37


We are distributing the following announcement at the request of the University’s Office of Human Resources.


The recruiting module of Talent Center (vendor: Oracle/Taleo) currently utilizes Adobe Flash. As you may know, at the end of 2020, Adobe will no longer support Flash. Many of the most popular browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc.) have begun blocking Flash by default, requiring users to enable it for each site they visit where it’s utilized. This has caused obstacles for Talent Center users accessing the system.

Over the past couple of years, Oracle has been developing a new user interface, called Fluid, which will no longer require the use of Adobe Flash. They have been adding functionality of this new user interface each quarter for the past year. While functionality that users in University departments need is not yet available, the Office of Human Resources anticipates implementing the new user interface by mid-2020. This switch will also include the development of new Talent Center Reference Guides, updating training materials, and more to ensure a seamless transition for users.

The Office of Human Resources will communicate directly to all Talent Center users later this month and provide these links that explain how to access Talent Center and allow Flash in popular browsers:

Should you receive calls regarding Talent Center and the use of Flash, please feel free to provide any of the details above. Users having difficulty accessing Talent Center may submit an online request.