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Change to Zoom Meeting/Webinar Confirmation Starts Oct. 17

Friday, October 14, 2022 - 11:34

Beginning on Monday, Oct. 17, the link for joining a Zoom meeting or webinar that requires registration will no longer be provided by default on a post-registration webpage, but will continue to be sent via a registration confirmation email. Meetings or webinars that do not require registration are unaffected. This change by Zoom is intended to minimize Zoombombing by preventing unwanted attendees from finding your registration links on the web and using them to disrupt your meeting or webinar.

As a host, you can select the new “Show join information on registration confirmation page” option to let invitees or registrants skip email verification. With this option enabled, please note that participants who register 5 minutes before the scheduled start time or who register for a meeting that is already in progress will be able to join your meeting or webinar via the post-registration page.

For more Pitt Information Technology information about hosting secure meetings and webinars, please review the Zoom security guide. Additional information about this change is available from Zoom.

Please share this information with faculty/staff in your department and contact the Technology Help Desk at +1-412-624-HELP (4357) if you have any questions regarding this announcement.