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Emerging Technologies


We continually evaluate technologies that support teaching, learning, research, and business activities at the University of Pittsburgh.

The roadmap below represents emerging technologies that are currently being monitored, planned, piloted, or deployed. Note that this roadmap represents only emerging technologies. Established technologies, such as the Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) system, are not represented here, even though they may be in the process of being piloted or deployed. If an emerging technology does not appear on the image below, it means it is not currently part of our roadmap.

The roadmap conveys a variety of information about each emerging technology.

  • Value: The size of the circle next to each emerging technology indicates its potential value to the University. The larger the circle, the greater the value.
  • Risk: The color of the circle next to each emerging technology indicates its potential risk. Risk is estimated based on a variety of factors, including architectural fit, marketplace maturity, security, support, talent/support availability, scalability, implementation cost, and user disruption.
  • Scale: The font used for each emerging technology indicates its scale. Technologies in roman (non-italic) font represent enterprise-scale deployments. Technologies in italic font represent niche deployments.
  • Lifecycle Stage: The rings of the circle represent where the emerging technology falls in the lifecycle. It may be being monitored, in planning, in pilot, or in deployment.

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Technology Roadmap