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University Data Warehouse

The University Data Warehouse is the central authoritative data source for the University. It provides support for reporting, ad hoc data queries, and analytics. The University Data Warehouse is an Oracle-based database that is comprised of data originating in several University systems, including the Student Information System (PeopleSoft), PRISM, and CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn). The data is extracted from those systems, optimized for speed and ease of use, and placed into Data Marts. A Data Mart is a subset of the University Data Warehouse, and is oriented toward a particular type of data or function. Currently, Data Marts for student data and financial data are available to the general campus community. Additional columns from existing systems and new systems are regularly added to the Data Marts to meet new reporting and analytics needs.

Access to the University Data Warehouse is available through supported tools (Cognos and Tableau), as well as direct access through a SQL client. Security is governed by a federated authorization process that ensures that individuals have access to the data required to be successful in their jobs. See Requesting Access to Tools and Data Services for information on how to request access.