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My Pitt ( is your personal guide to the Pitt experience! Create and curate your list of most used services, add bookmarks to quickly access tools or services, filter content, and customize your portal to create your own personalized view of information at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Features & Benefits

Your Single Stop for Pitt Information

My Pitt is a central location for accessing University of Pittsburgh services, such as the Student Information System (PeopleSoft), PeopleSoft/HighPoint Campus Experience (CX), Pitt Email (Outlook), Software Download Service, Canvas (Learning Management System), Pitt Worx, PRISM, mobile apps using the Pitt App Center and a large variety of other enterprise systems.

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Customized Content

Access Pitt Information that's Relevant to You

Pitt IT offers hundreds of tools and services to help your University experience. Use the role-based log in feature below to see information that is most applicable to you. Please note: Applicants must be logged in to access some sections.

Features & Benefits

Quick Access to What You Use Most

  • Access the information that you use most often at the University.
  • Customize your view of results using the Role and Campus filters.
  • Search keywords and phrases to find resources.
  • Stay informed about University news, accomplishments, and events.
  • Manage your personal profile, University Computing Account, email, messaging and subscriptions preferences.

Tutorials & Getting Started

How to Use My Pitt

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

  1. Log in to My Pitt ( with your University Computing Account username and password. (Note: You may be required to complete the login process with multifactor authentication using Pitt Passport to gain access.)
  2. Search for services using keywords and phrases and discover other associated resources.
  3. Favorite services to curate your personalized list of resources you use most.

Personalize your Portal by Choosing your Campus and Role

  • Upon login, a default Role (Student, Faculty or Staff) and Campus will be selected based on your attributes in Single Sign On (SSO). You can find this selection in the top right corner of your portal:

  • If the system doesn’t identify a role for you it will default to All Roles
  • If the system doesn’t identify a campus for you it will default to All Campuses
  • Users can add and change Role and Campus selections at any time
    • Roles – can choose multiple
    • Campus – one at a time
  • Set your default Campus in preferences
  • Once you have selected your Role(s) and Campus, the next time you log in this will be your default

Customize the Announcements that Appear on Your Page

Global Announcements

To hide Global Announcements, simply click on the bell icon next to the login to collapse this section of the page. Click on the bell icon again to unhide this area of the page.

Featured Task Carousel

To hide the Featured Task Carousel, simply go to the login dropdown menu and select preferences. Select the checkbox next to "Hide featured task carousel." and save.

Select Favorite Tasks and Task Centers

Users can favorite any Task or Task Center in the application. Simply click on the Heart icon in the bottom left hand corner to add to your favorites listing.

Additionally, you can click on the gear next to My Favorites to re-order this list. Users must be logged in to access and organize their favorites.

Navigating My Pitt

Who Can Access Content?

All content in My Pitt is publicly available, including announcements and all Tasks and Task Centers. If a service requires you to login, you will be directed to Pitt Passport for authentications. If you are authorized to use this service, you will proceed to the site. Otherwise, you will receive an error. If you believe you should have access to a service, please submit a help ticket for account verification.

Submit a Help Ticket

Best Practices

Find University Resources

My Pitt organizes information so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. Tasks, tools, and resources are organized by relevant users and other criteria. You can easily browse these collections by audience. My Pitt also provides a powerful search function that recognizes key words and phrases.


Search is the easiest way to find tasks.  We recommend that once you find a task to click on the heart to add it to your favorites.

If you want to conduct a broad search of all tools and tasks in the University collection, we recommend you change your Role to All Roles so that none of your results are limited.

If a user is having trouble finding something, please submit a help ticket with the following details.

  • Name and email
  • Department
  • What was missing or the expected results
  • What keyword or phrase was used to search

Pinned Sections

Students, Faculty and Staff
Pinned sections are designated areas of the page that users can not hide, remove or make changes to.  We have created a Student, Faculty and Staff Services pinned section to help these audiences find the most popular resources for their role.

Applicants must be logged in to access the Applicant Resources pinned section.  Once logged in, select the Applicant Role and scroll down the page.

Alumni can access the Alumni pinned section by selecting the Alumni role and scrolling down the page.

Task Centers

The following task centers are available to see a summarized list of services available to that role.

Features & Benefits

Built for Speed & Convenience

My Pitt is designed to give you a single convenient access point for all of your University information. The best way to find much of that information is through My Pitt's search feature, which returns fast, accurate, and time-saving results when you need to locate a task or bit of information.

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Content Managers

Add Tasks and More to My Pitt

My Pitt is accessed by thousands of University users every day. Share information and add your own tasks to My Pitt with the options below.

Task Additions or Updates
If you would like new task(s) added or updates made to existing tasks in My Pitt and your department does not have an assigned Task Manager, please fill out a My Pitt Task Worksheet and  submit a help ticket to the Pitt IT help desk and attach it to your case.  Your request will be reviewed and someone from Pitt IT will follow up with you.

Task Managers
Departmental admins can request to be added as task managers for the tasks associated with their department.  Task managers can also publish new tasks to be added to the system.  If you would like to be assigned ownership of your area's tasks or to be trained as a publisher, please submit a help ticket to the Pitt IT help desk.

Tech Guidance Abroad

Accessing Pitt IT Services from China

The unique regulatory and political environment in China can create challenges for members of the University community attempting to access Pitt IT services. See how using this service from within mainland China may be impacted by those regulations.

Guidance for Use in China

24/7 IT Help Desk

Need Additional Help?

The 24/7 IT Help Desk is your central point of contact for all Pitt Information Technology services. Get fast and friendly technical support how and when you want it—including holidays—via phone, live chat, online form, email, or drop-in or virtual visit. You can also check our Alerts & Notifications to determine if an outage is affecting you.