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Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow)

The University of Pittsburgh's Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) service is a document imaging and workflow management tool. Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) makes it easy for University units to capture, organize, and manage data.


  • Support Sustainability
    Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) eliminates the cost and space issues associated with maintaining a paper-based process. Mark Stofko, Director of the University's Research and Cost Accounting department, explains that his department was able to eliminate more than 8,000 paper grant and contract folders. This removed the need for the department to renovate their high-density filing system, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in renovation and storage costs.

  • Secure Your Data
    ​Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) provides greater security for documents by enabling different users to have various levels of access to individual documents and notes. In addition, all data is stored securely at the University's Network Operations Center and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Improve Organization
    All types of documents–paper forms, faxes, emails, and more–can be placed into a central repository that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This means no more manual filing or paper shuffling. Documents are secure and electronically available to authorized staff at any time and from any location.

  • Make Business Processes More Efficient
    Digital workflows allow you to re-engineer your business processes, no matter how simple or complex. You can ensure documents are routed to the right people at the right time, making business processes faster, more accurate, and more efficient. Multiple users can easily collaborate by reviewing documents from different locations and digitally annotating them. You can also scan, file, retrieve, print, email, or share electronic documents with a single click.

  • Achieve Real, Tangible Benefits
    The University's Research and Cost Accounting department implemented ​Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) to improve the efficiency of departmental grant administration. Their grant folders:

    • Can now never be lost or misplaced and are backed-up nightly
    • Are now accessible by all employees simultaneously
    • Are now accessible by other University departments needing access to the files (such as Internal Audit, Office of University Counsel, Senior Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences)
    • Are accessible to our external auditors
    • Are standardized, well-organized, searchable, and include other system-programmed enhancements, such as date stamping, employee identification, and notations
    • Are more readable and reviewable on a computer screen rather than in paper form

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