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BeyondTrust Secure Remote Support

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Support (SRS) is the remote IT support solution included in the Enterprise Device Management (EDM) program. BeyondTrust SRS gives department IT admins the ability to securely connect to and control customer computers, servers, or mobile devices for the purposes of providing support and guidance.

BeyondTrust SRS utilizes BeyondTrust Remote Support and works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.

How to Request Access

BeyondTrust SRS is exclusively available for customers of the EDM program, which packages BeyondTrust SRS with additional enterprise tools and services that enable departmental management of applications and updates on devices managed by Pitt IT.

Departments must be enrolled in the EDM program to access BeyondTrust SRS.

Current EDM customers

If your department is currently enrolled in the EDM program and you would like access to BeyondTrust SRS, please submit a request with the 24/7 IT Help Desk.  

Non-EDM customers

Learn more about EDM here. For additional information on the program, please contact the Pitt IT Operations EndPoint team to discuss features and benefits in detail.

Benefits and Features

Connect via URL or pre-installed Jump Client

Currently, an admin can connect to a customer's device with several methods. One such method is an Ad Hoc session, where the admin provides the customer with a URL and session key to initiate the connection. Admins can login with this method for elevated sessions, which allows them to view User Access Control (UAC) prompts.

A future feature is planned that will give admins the option to connect via a pre-installed Jump Client. With this choice, admins can initiate connections from a current list of their computers and connect to in-progress elevated sessions.

Web Rep console

Admins can securely connect to devices from any web browser on any computer connected to the internet. Devices do not need to be connected to a Pitt network.

Secure file transfer

Users can quickly and securely copy files to and from customer machines.

Command prompt with elevation

Admins can quickly access a command prompt with UAC elevation (Via the future Jump Client or currently supported Ad Hoc session).

Access computers anywhere

Computers do not need to be connected to Pitt’s network to initiate a remote session. Admins can securely connect to customer devices from any web browser on any computer connected to the internet.

Session auditing

All remote sessions are recorded and can be viewed by the Department’s IT Manager for auditing and security purposes.

Locate connected devices

Once the Jump Client becomes available and is installed on customer machines, department IT admins will be able to see a list of available clients in their department. Admins can simply click on machine names to initiate remote session.

Additional connection methods available

Department IT admins can connect to customer devices using multiple methods:

  1. VNC
  2. Shell Jump (SSH)
  3. Intel VPro