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AskCathy Service Discovery ( is your go-to resource to help you search and find the University services and information you need.

University services that are available through AskCathy Service Discovery are displayed as rectangular icons called Tasks. Search for what you know and let AskCathy Service Discovery help you find new and interesting information. Some tasks will require you to log in to access the service or restricted content. Once you log into a task using Pitt Passport, you won’t need to log in to access others. 

Key Benefits:  

AskCathy Service Discovery has many benefits:

  • Find it in a flash: Relevant search results populate as you type.
  • Take it with you: Enjoy an interface that is optimized for your phone or tablet. 
  • Personalize your page: Favorite tasks and move them to the top of your page by clicking the heart icon next to any task.
  • Bookmark other sites: Bookmark services that aren't in AskCathy, from a staging server to your bank's self service site. Just click the gear next to Favorites and click New Bookmark.
  • Discover new services: Click the information icon on a task to view more information about it, including related tasks. You can also click the Browse categories link below the search bar to view groups of related tasks. 

Three Easy Steps to Get Started Using AskCathy Service Discovery:

1. Choose ONE of the following options to access AskCathy Service Discovery:

  • Option A - Go to, then Sign in, enter a keyword in the What would you like to Ask Cathy? search bar, select Browse Categories, and select a specific Role.
  • Option B - Go to, login using your University Computing Account username and password, enter a key word in the Need help finding something? Ask Cathy! search bar or click on the AskCathy Cathedral image on the right-hand column to view tasks.

2. Click Help to view Help Text, or See More to locate a task within the My Favorites, My Recently Used, Most Popular or Category of the Day tasks.

3. Click the task title to Launch/view a task, the i icon to view details, or the heart icon add to your favorites.

Share Your Feedback

Do you have a task in mind that you would like to see added to AskCathy Service Discovery? Do you have a suggestion or some feedback you would like to share? We want to hear from you.

More Ways to Get the Most from AskCathy Service Discovery: