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Mobile Apps for Managing Your Academics

The University of Pittsburgh provides several apps to help students manage their academics and get the most out of their classes.

  • Pitt PS Mobile: Academic administration and scheduling through the Student Information System
  • CourseWeb: Learning management and class support through BlackBoard Learn

Students use both apps frequently, but for very different reasons. Not sure what the difference is? Here’s a comparison to help you figure out which one is used for what:

App Name

Pitt PS Mobile

CourseWeb App

Pitt Exclusive Yes No
System PeopleSoft Student Information System BlackBoard Learn
Purpose Academic administration Learning management
Student Uses
  • Browse course catalog
  • Search and register for classes
  • Add or drop courses
  • View current course schedule
  • Read student announcements
  • Access mid-semester & final grades
  • Utilize academic planner
  • View campus map and directory
  • View class assignments
  • View grades on specific assignments
  • Join virtual classes and class groups
  • Collaborate on group projects
  • Message instructors and classmates
  • Ask question in class (hand-raising)
Instructor Uses
  • View class roster
  • View advisees
  • Check weekly schedule
  • Enter mid-semester & final grades
  • Augment instruction with digital media
  • Provide & monitor discussion forums, wikis, blogs, and journals
  • Post class assignments & announcements
  • Record tests and assignment grades
  • Track order of student questions
  • Record sessions in mobile friendly format
Mobile Devices iOS and Android iOS and Android
Web Interface Yes Yes
Instructor App  No Yes
Multifactor Authentication Required Required
Availability Apple App Store, Google Play, Pitt App Center Apple App Store, Google Play, Pitt App Center
More Info Pitt PS Mobile App CourseWeb (BlackBoard Learn)