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PittNet Wi-Fi: Connect with Mobile Devices or Linux

Pitt IT cannot provide instructions to configure Linux devices, smartphones, or other mobile devices to connect to Wireless PittNet. We do provide the information you will need to configure your device to connect:

  • Network SSID
  • Security Type
  • Encryption Type
  • Authentication Method
  • Certificate
    No CA Certificate (select option if available)

Note: After settings have been changed, some Linux devices, smartphones, or other mobile devices require a restart.

Note for Android Users: Due to changes in the most recent version of Android OS (Android 11), the instructions for connecting Android devices (especially Google Pixel devices) have changed.

  • The 'CA Certificate' field can no longer be set to 'Do Not Validate' and is instead now set to 'Use system certificates'.
  • A new field ('Online Certificate Status') has been added beneath the 'CA Certificates' field. This new field will need to be set to 'Do Not Validate'.
  • Additionally, Android users will now have to specify 'pitt.edu' in the 'Domain' field in order to connect successfully.

Compatible Devices

  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Smart phones
  • iPhones
  • Laptop computers running the Linux operating system
  • Laptop computers that use a third-party wireless client (for example, an Intel client or a Gateway client)

Incompatible Devices

  • Bluetooth equipment - Bluetooth uses a different type of wireless signaling than Wireless PittNet. Both exist in the 2.4 GHz frequency range; using them in the same location may negatively affect wireless network performance.

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