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Pitt Print: My Print Center Frequently Asked Questions

 1.     What is My Print Center?

        My Print Center lets students manage their Pitt Print service printing, including these tasks:

  • View the amount of funds in your printing account
  • View print jobs that are currently in your print queue
  • Upload files via web browser to your queue
  • Delete print jobs from your queue
  • View printing history

2.       How can I access My Print Center?

          Go to print.pitt.edu and log in with your Pitt username and password.

3.       How can I view the amount of funds currently in my printing account?

          Funds are listed on the bottom-right of the screen:

    1. My Funds are the total funds available to you.
    2. Semester Quota lists the remaining funds of the $63 (900 units) that each student is given per semester. This is reset to $63 at the beginning of each semester.
    3. User Added Funds are all funds that a user has purchased for the printing account. Any User Added Funds are carried over through semesters.

Note that My Print Center shows printing funds in a monetary amount. Black & white sheets are $0.07 each and color sheets are $0.49 each. Keep in mind that Pittsburgh campus students receive $63.00 in print quota per semester, which is equivalent to 900 sheets printed in black & white or 128 sheets printed in color.

4.       How do I view the print jobs in my queue?

Once you’ve logged in to My Print Center, all jobs in your print queue will be displayed on the screen, along with the following details for each job: file type, title/file name, number of pages and number of pieces of paper in the print job, the time the job was submitted, and the cost of the job (charged when printed).                     

 5.       How can I upload files to be printed through My Print Center?

          Click the Upload button at the top of the Job List. A file explorer window will appear, choose the file to upload, and then confirm.

6.       How can I delete print jobs from the queue?

In the Job List, highlight any jobs to be deleted by clicking the corresponding check box on the left. Then click the Delete button at the top of the Job List.

7.       How can I view my printing account history?

Choose Activity from the menu bar. A screen will pop-up to display various information:

    1.  Activity Date and Activity Time – Date and time that the activity occurred.
    2.  Activity Type – Print or Credit. Print is any instance of a print job being released from a printer. Credit is for instances when funds are added to or removed from the account without a corresponding print job, such as when funds are added to the account by the user or when the Semester Quota is reset.
    3.  Description – This contains information about the print job including document name, number of pages, monochrome/color, and the simplex/duplex option. For credits, the description will only say “Credit.”
    4.  My Funds Charges – The amount of funds that are added or removed from the account.

 Get Help

  • If you have questions about My Print Center or Pitt Print, please contact the 24/7 Help Desk at 412-624-HELP [4357].
  • Learn more about the Pitt Printing Service at technology.pitt.edu/print.
  • For a list of Pitt Print Stations, click here.