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Alumni IT Service Offerings

Wherever life after graduation takes you, your Pitt Email (Outlook) will follow along, too...

" "Beginning with spring 2015 graduates, graduating students will be able to keep their Pitt Email (Outlook) mailbox, including all of the contents within it, for as long as they like. This means you continue to send and receive email messages from your email address, as well as from any email aliases that you created while you were a student at Pitt. Your mailbox storage space will still be 50 GB, and the University's Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter service will continue to protect your email against viruses and junk messages.

And best yet, all of this will happen automatically. For example, if you graduate at the end of spring term (April), you can continue to use your current primary University Computing Account just as you do now. After graduation, you will receive an email message informing you that your student account will be transitioning automatically to an Alumni account on a specified date.

Keep in mind that Alumni will not have access to all the computing services they use today as a student. For example, you will not have access to any files stored on, and most of the software titles you obtained while a student (including Microsoft Office) will expire upon graduation. Be sure to review our Information Technology Graduation Checklist for some important graduation tips.