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Secure Your Data Community

As the complexity of the technology environment grows and related security threats increase, there is a need for every University unit to use available tools and services to protect University information and resources. While many security controls in place for the University are administered centrally, it requires the support of the Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs throughout the University to ensure that each area is implementing the unit-level security controls.

Using Identity Finder to Remove Personal Information from Your Macintosh Computer


Identity Finder is software program that helps to identify and remove personally identifiable information that may be on your computer. Identity Finder can search your computer for sensitive date information, such as social security numbers, passwords, credit card information, and more. You can also configure Identity Finder to search a particular folder on your computer or for your own personal information, such as your passport or date of birth. This document explains how to use the basic features of Identity Finder.

Creating an Encrypted Disk Image on Mac OS X


The Disk Copy or Disk Utility feature for Mac OS X can be used to create an encrypted disk image, which requires a password to open or become available (to "mount"). An encrypted disk image acts as secure storage space and can be used like any other disk image file. It may be copied to or created on network volumes or removable media, including Zip drives, USB flash media, or FireWire hard drives. Each encrypted disk image is protected by a password. The following document explains how to create, mount, and unmount an encrypted disk image.

Safe Computing for Faculty and Staff


We have the resources you need to keep your computing experience at Pitt safe and secure.

  • Be sure to visit the Secure Your Data page to learn about tools for faculty and staff to help protect University computing resources and sensitive information.