Wireless Feedback

If you have a comment or suggestion about wireless service on campus, please tell us about it.

Directory Services


Pitt Passport The University Computing Account is the key to accessing online resources at Pitt. These resources include access to Office 365, My Pitt Email, campus computing lab PCs and many other technology services.
This account acts as a single online identifier for students, faculty, staff members and alumni.

Privacy Statement for Identity Provider Users


The University of Pittsburgh respects your privacy. We have implemented a set of information practices to ensure that it is maintained.

In the course of a federated authentication with other systems both inside and outside of the University, it may be necessary to store data in your browser in the form or cookies or pass some information about you to the other Web site. Passing this information to the other site is either necessary to ensure an acceptable user experience or to perform the necessary function of that site.

Access Resources from External Institutions

What You Can Access

All University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff can now access online resources made available by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) using their University Computing Account username and password. Using only your University Computing Account, you can currently access resources from:

NIH National Institutes of Health


Shibboleth is a behind-the-scenes mechanism that allows you to access secure sites at other institutions, organizations, and agencies by using your University Computing Account username and password.

Shibboleth is a two-part process: you authenticate through a University of Pittsburgh login, and then the requested institution determines it will authorize your access based on the attributes provided.