Identity Theft

Best Practices: Avoiding Identity Theft

Identity theft has become one of the fastest-growing crimes in America today. Identity theft is the deliberate assumption of another individual's identity, usually to gain access to a person's finances or to frame that person for a crime.

Using Identity Finder to Remove Personal Information from Your Windows Computer


Identity Finder is software program that helps to identify and remove personally identifiable information that may be on your computer. Identity Finder can search your computer for social security numbers, passwords, credit card information, and more. You can also configure Identity Finder to search your computer for your own personal information, such as your passport, date of birth, or address. This document explains how to use the basic features of Identity Finder.

Social Networking

The number of social networking sites is ever growing. Where once our only choice seemed to be Usenet or Friendster (remember those?), we now have a dizzying array from which to choose: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Digg, Reddit, Google+, Instagram... the list goes on, and changes almost daily!