Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Cathy: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find the service I’m looking for in Ask Cathy?

If you see a service you think needs to be added to Ask Cathy, we encourage you to click the Send Feedback link and submit that service you would like to see added.

Why am I prompted to log in to some services in Ask Cathy but not others?

Skype for Business FAQ

Does Skype for Business display my photo automatically?

No. By default, your photo is not shown in Skype for Business. You can add your photo to Skype for Business from your My Pitt profile page.

I manually set my presence as available, and now it is not showing that I am in a meeting. How do I correct this?

Open Skype for Business, click My Status, then click Reset Status.

How many people can attend a meeting that I set up in Skype for Business?

Top Help Desk Questions

Why is my computer no longer able to connect to PittNet or Wireless PittNet?

Pitt Printing: My Print Center Frequently Asked Questions

 1.     What is My Print Center?

        My Print Center lets students manage their Pitt Printing, including these tasks:

Mobile Print: Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is MobilePrint?

MobilePrint is an extension of the Pitt Printing service that’s available to students at the University of Pittsburgh. Students can send print jobs from any device via email and retrieve the jobs at Pitt Print stations located in the CSSD Computing Labs and throughout campus.

 2.      What is the email address for MobilePrint?