PittNet (Wireless and Wired): Connect

Wireless PittNet provides fast, secure, and easy-to-use Internet access from academic buildings and residence halls across campus. Those with newer laptops, smartphones, and tablets can take advantage of faster wireless speeds by using Wirelss PittNet Fast. If your device does not support Wireless-PittNet-Fast, you will still be able to use Wireless PittNet.

PittNet(Wireless): Connecting your Apple TV


The following instructions can be used to configure your Apple TV to connect to Wireless-PittNet. At this time wired connections to PittNet are not supported by the Apple TV.

PittNet (Wireless):PittNet Updates May Require a Few Extra Steps to Connect

We are constantly working to enhance our Wireless PittNet service. Due to past upgrades of the certificates that are used to connect to our network, you may need to take additional steps to connect. Some devices will reconnect without any issue. 

Take These Steps if You Have Trouble Connecting

To ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted network service, please refer to the steps below.