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Pitt Mobile App Challenge 101

Pick Your Category

You can participate in one of two categories.


Design a detailed mockup of your app that shows what it would look like and how it would work.  

1. Choose a challenge from the list below.

2. Download and complete our Show-It PowerPoint template.

Link to Download Show It PowerPoint Template

3. Upload the PowerPoint template to the submission site.


Build a working prototype of your app that functions on a mobile device. 

1. Choose a challenge from the list below.

2. Download and complete our Code-It PowerPoint template.

Link to Download Code It PowerPoint Template

3. Create a video demo of your app. (Learn more about video demos)

4. Upload the PowerPoint template to our submission site with a link to your video demo.

5. Meet with the Pitt Mobile App Challenge team for an interview about your prototype.


Choose Your Challenge

Choose a challenge based on one of the strategic themes below, tied to the Plan for Pitt, and get started now!   

1. Advance Educational Excellence

Your app might help students find study areas, connect them with study partners/groups, manage class notes, or find tutors.  

2. Strengthen Communities

Your app might connect people to community resources or volunteer opportunities, support collaboration among community leaders, or help students at local universities connect with each other.

3. Promote Diversity and Inclusion

How might an app be used to help increase our awareness and appreciation of the different types of people who comprise our campus community? How might it be used to facilitate the exchange of ideas among people who have different views?

4. Embrace the World

Your app might explore and address global issues with an eye toward improving life in the world's local communities. Or it might help to promote cultural understanding or break down language barriers.    

5. Support Success

Does your app improve collaboration and communication? Does it help people save time and money or become more efficient?  

6. Pioneer Research

Perhaps your app helps people identify and engage in research opportunities or collect, evaluate, and share research data.

7. Promote a Healthy U

Your app might focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, or other factors.

8. Open Challenge

Create your own theme. Identify a need and explain how your app solves that problem and addresses your theme.


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