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KeePass Password Safe for Students

It's important to use different passwords for your digital accounts to keep them secure. But that means you have a lot of different passwords to remember: your University Computing Account password, your online banking password, the passwords for your social media sites, and so on. It's easy to forget them or mix them up along the way.

You need a way to manage those passwords securely.

Try KeePass. It's free. You can put all of your passwords in one database and lock that database with one "master key"–a favorite phrase, for instance.

KeePass is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is even a mobile app for it!

KeePass Product List

Product Operating Systems Available as a no-cost download at My Pitt Annual Renewal Date Available for use in the Student Computing Labs

KeePass Password Safe

Windows/ Macintosh/ Linux/Unix




Visit the KeePass website for additional product information.