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DEC Workstation Maintenance for Faculty / Staff / Depts.

The DEC CSLG Workstation Maintenance Program provides software and operating system maintenance for your DEC Workstation for one year. DEC Unix and Ultrix plus support for programming languages and productivity applications are included.


Learn how to purchase a license for this software.

License Renewal:

Pitt IT will send departments a reminder with renewal costs. In order to receive upgrades, maintenance payments must be received by the renewal date noted in the product list below. If you have paid maintenance you can obtain updated license keys through the Software Download Service at My Pitt.

Additional Information

This software is not available through the Software Download Service via My Pitt ( and students cannot acquire it. Additional support for DEC workstations is available through the Unix Workstation Support Group.

DEC Workstation Product List

Product Operating Systems Personal Purchase by Faculty & Staff Departmental Purchase Annual Maintenance Renewal Date Media Cost Available through Software Download Service
Cost Includes Home Use Rights

DEC OS Licenses (Workstation Maintenance)


Not Available



November 1

No Cost