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Research Data Management (Globus)

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Globus is a non-profit platform that provides data management for researchers with data on multiple systems and system administrators to support collaboration while maintaining secure systems. The University of Pittsburgh is committed to using this platform to sustainably support science and meet the needs and requirements of our research community. Students, faculty, researchers, and staff with primary University Computing Accounts (UCA) can use Globus to reliably move, share, discover, and manage research data via a single secure interface. The annual subscription plan funded by Pitt Information Technology provides premium features of Globus software and the online platform at no charge.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, fast, secure, and reliable transfer and sharing of research data
  • Frees your time up to do more research
  • Works with your existing systems and storage

Getting Started with Globus

To get started, contact the Technology Help Desk or call 412-624-HELP (4357) and request any of the following:

  • A Globus consultation—if you have not used the Globus platform before
  • A Globus endpoint managed under the University's subscription—if you are an existing Globus Connect Server admin at Pitt
  • A Globus Connect Personal setup—if you are not an administrative user so you transfer and share files to/from a single laptop or personal computer (personal endpoint)
    Note: Globus Connect Personal is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • An upgrade from Globus Connect Personal to Globus Plus—so you can create shared endpoints on personal computers and transfer files between Globus Connect Personal endpoints

Pitt IT coordinates new installations or upgrades so endpoints can be managed under our subscription. The Information Security Team reviews and approves projects that use protected data.

Additional Resources

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Learn more about Globus at

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