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Microsoft Teams | Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Teams provides an online collaboration workspace that brings together instant messaging, threaded conversations, meetings, audio or video calls, desktop and file sharing, and more. Find answers to many common Teams-related questions with our FAQ list.

General Options

Skype for Business Questions

Microsoft is planning to replace Skype for Business with Teams, which combines instant messaging with additional video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration tools into a single, integrated app.


When will Skype for Business be decommissioned?

General Skye for Business users will be migrated to Teams on October 17, 2020. Individuals with Skype for Business phones will be migrated by department after October 17, 2020. Beginning October 17, 2020, everyone at Pitt should use Teams for chats and meetings. Skype for Business phone users can continue to use Skype for Business to make and receive calls from their University phone number.

Will Zoom replace Microsoft Teams as a meeting solution?

While Zoom meetings and Teams meetings have many similar functions, Teams offers a wide array of collaboration features not available in Zoom, such as file storage, document coauthoring, threaded conversations, and much more.

Should I uninstall Skype for Business from my computer or mobile device?

Not just yet, leaving Skype for Business installed will allow you to join meetings scheduled using Skype for Business easily.  Additionally, if you have a Skype for Business phone, incoming calls to your phone number will continue to ring in Skype until you are moved to Teams only mode.

How can I receive Teams calls on my mobile device?

Install the Microsoft Teams mobile app and calls to you in Teams will also ring on the mobile device.  You can set the mobile app to only receive notifications when you are not signed into a desktop app to avoid duplicate notifications as well.

How can I only receive notifications on my mobile device when I'm not active in Teams on my computer?

Go to the settings in the Teams app and open the notifications area.  Change Receive Notifications to be Only when inactive on desktop/web​​​​​​​.

How can I modify my existing Skype for Business meetings to be a Teams meeting?

When you are moved to Teams, your Skype for Business meetings will automatically be upgraded to Teams meetings and invitees will receive an updated invitation. If you would like to have your meetings moved before you are converted to Teams, please contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk.

When Skype for Business is retired, will my conversation history disappear also?

No. Your past conversations are stored in a folder in Outlook and will remain. However, it is important to note that Teams conversations are not part of Outlook and reside in the Teams app.

Will my custom groups and favorites move to Teams?

If you never opened the Teams app before your groups will migrate.  If you have previously opened Teams they would have migrated at that time and changes since then will not be reflected.

I don't want Teams to open automatically when I login to my computer, how can I fix this?

Click on your account image/initials in the upper right corner of Teams and choose Settings.  De-select the Auto-start application checkbox.

How do I message someone at UPMC from Teams?

Click the new chat icon beside the search bar, then type in the email address of the person you want to message ( for example).  In the drop down choose (External) then chat.

Once I've been moved to Teams only, what happens if someone uses Skype for Business to message me?

You'll receive the message in Teams.  There will be an indicator that the message came from Skype for Business and there is limited functionality.

Once I've been moved to Teams only, how can I message someone still using Skype for Business?

You cannot start a new chat to someone using Skype for Business unless they have messaged you first.  If they have, find the previous chat in your recent chat list with the individual and has the Skype for Business icon.  When you add a message to the ongoing chat they will receive a new message.

If someone uses Skype for Business to call me and tries to share their screen it fails.

If someone calls you from Skype for Business and tries to share their screen the call will end and you will receive a chat message from that person to join a Skype for Business meeting.  Screen sharing is not currently supported between Teams and Skype for Business.

Call Options

Skype Phone Questions

With the replacement of Skype for Business with Teams, Skype users will have the ability to make and receive calls through the Teams app.


Will my University phone number change when my phone is moved to Teams?

No. Your current phone number will remain the same.

Some calls still ring in Skype for Business, why?

Until your account is moved into "Teams Only" mode incoming calls to your phone number, or calls initiated from someone else in Skype for Business, will continue to ring in Skype for Business.  

Do I need to press 9 to dial off-campus in Teams?

No, you can dial the 10-digit phone number by itself to dial off-campus.

Does 5-digit dialing work in Teams?

Yes, 5-digit dialing continues to work.

How can I make a call from my Pitt number from my mobile phone?

Install the Teams app for your mobile phone.  Once inside the app, tap on Calls at the bottom of the screen (if you don't see Calls, tap ... More then tap Calls), then tap the phone+ icon in the upper right to bring up a dialpad.  From that screen you can also tap on People and search the Pitt directory.

Will my Polycom phone continue to work?

For receiving and placing calls the phone will continue to work.  The forward button to change call forwarding options will no longer work. We are looking to programatically remove this from the phone.  If you are using any advanced delegate or call-group features please open a support case with the Technology Help Desk for further guidance.

How can I change my favorites (speed dial) on my Polycom phone?

Favorites added in Skype for Business will be "locked in" when you move to Teams only.  To continue to have flexibility to modify favorites on your phone we recommend you remove all contacts from your Favorites group in Skype for Business.  Favorites will then need to be added through the Polycom phone itself moving forward.

Will BToE continue to work?

Unfortunately Microsoft Teams does not support BToE at this time.

Will my BusyLight continue to work?

Your BusyLight will support Microsoft Teams, however you will need to install the Teams version of the software on your computer. Visit to download BusyLight.