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Learning Management System (Canvas) Early Adopters Program — Fall 2019

Important: CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn) Transition to Learning Management System (Canvas)

In Summer 2020, the University will fully transition to Canvas as its Learning Management System (LMS).

Visit teaching.pitt.edu/canvas to learn more!

Canvas will replace CourseWeb (Blackboard Learn) as the University’s learning management system in the summer term 2020 (2207).

To support the transition to the new system, the Center for Teaching and Learning and Pitt Information Technology are working with a small group of teachers to create an Early Adopters Program for the fall term 2019 (2201). The Early Adopters will teach some of their courses using the Learning Management System (Canvas) in Fall Term 2019. The rest of the University community will transition to Canvas in summer term 2020. 

While subject to change, here is a general timeline outlining the current proposed timing for the transition from CourseWeb to the Learning Management System.

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Early Adopter instructors and students in designated courses will be able to log in to Canvas at canvas.pitt.edu.

Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, the Teaching Center will serve as an information hub–posting resources, tutorials, and news and updates on the Learning Management System website at teaching.pitt.edu.