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PittNet Workstation Port Reconfiguration Schedule

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 09:19

To simplify the process of connecting wired devices to PittNet and to provide users the best possible experience, Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) is modifying the configuration of all workstation ports on the Pittsburgh campus. All new and existing workstation ports will be configured to auto negotiate their speed and duplex. This means that most devices will connect to the network at 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps), offering better throughput than before the port reconfiguration.

Computers and devices auto negotiate speed and duplex by default. If you have not modified your devices to lock a particular speed and duplex, then you do not need to take any action. If any devices in your department do have the speed and duplex locked, you will need to update the configuration to auto negotiate. When the network settings on a device do not match the port settings, it can cause a degradation of service. Please contact the Technology Help Desk if you need assistance determining whether a device has its speed and duplex locked.

Departments that have devices that will not work properly with auto negotiate should contact the Technology Help Desk to have these ports identified so that they are not changed. CSSD will be performing the reconfiguration of workstation ports during routine change periods between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m.according to the following schedule: 

Oct. 9, 2017

  • 3512 Fifth Ave.
  • 3602 Fifth Ave.
  • Amos Hall
  • Atwood
  • Baum Blvd.
  • Benedum Hall
  • Bouquet Gardens
  • Bruce Hall
  • Biotech Center
  • Brackenridge Hall
  • Biomedical Sciences Tower
  • Biomedical Sciences Tower 3
  • Carrillo Street Steam Plant
  • Chevron Science Center

Oct. 10, 2017

  • Bridgeside Point (Cellomics)
  • Clapp Hall
  • Cathedral Ground Floor
  • Craig Hall
  • Clyde Street
  • Darragh
  • David Lawrence Hall
  • Eberly Hall
  • Eureka Building
  • Frick Fine Arts Building
  • Forbes Craig Apartments
  • Fitzgerald Field House
  • Steven Foster Memorial
  • 3109 Forbes Ave (Forbes Allies Center)
  • Forbes Residence
  • Forbes Towers
  • 3343 Forbes Ave (Gold Building)
  • Hillman Cancer Center
  • Holland Hall
  • Hillman Library
  • Keystone Building
  • Loeffler Building
  • Langley Hall
  • Lothrop Hall
  • Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC)
  • Litchfield Tower B
  • Litchfield Tower C
  • McCormick Hall
  • Mervis Hall

Oct. 11, 2017

  • 3347 Forbes Ave (Forbes Oakland Building)
  • Music Building
  • 480 Melwood Ave.
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Pennsylvania Hall
  • Plum Borough Research Center
  • 128 North Craig St (Park Plaza)
  • Public Safety Building
  • Panther Hall
  • Ruskin Hall
  • Scaife Hall
  • Sutherland Hall
  • Soldiers & Sailors Garage
  • Space Research & Coordination Center (SRCC)
  • Duratz Athletics Complex (aka Southside Athletics)
  • Schenley Plaza
  • Thaw Hall
  • 7500 Thomas Blvd
  • Litchfield Tower A
  • University Club
  • William Pitt Union
  • Victoria Building

Oct. 12, 2017

  • Webster Hall (through 130 N. Bellefield)