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PRISM: Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution (PBCS)

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution

Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution (PBCS) is a flexible suite of planning applications that support enterprise-wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a cloud-based deployment model.  PBCS provides responsibility centers a tool for budgeting and analysis on multiple data sets using near real-time data. Recently Oracle has rebranded the suite offering to EPM or Enterprise Performance Management, however we are continuing to use PBCS in University communications for consistency purposes.

The Operating Budget Planning application was rolled out in two phases. Phase I of the implementation (June 2018) focused on standard reporting and manual encumbrance tracking forms. Then, enhanced reporting, automated encumbrances and budget spreads were introduced. Phase II (August 2019) provided the new on-line budget submission process for the Fiscal Year Operating Budgets.

  • The RC Resource Proposal (RCRP) process was implemented in December 2019 within the Operating Budget Planning application. In an effort to better align budget decisions with strategic objectives, Pitt undertook a multi-year initiative to enhance the budget formulation process. The ultimate goal of the effort is to provide RCs with increased transparency, accountability, and control over their local budgets. To accomplish this, the new PBCS module incorporated the use of an all-funds budget, formalize a resource request process and utilize standard pillars to prioritize resource allocations.

  • The Enrollment and Tuition Revenue Projections application was implemented in December 2020. Each school is required to input enrollment and tuition projections directly into the PBCS tuition module for this year’s process (Excel templates will no longer be used).

  • The Grants Forecasting application was implemented in late summer 2021. The Grants Forecasting application is a large-scale enhancement to the current PBCS suite to provide departments the ability to forecast and budget at a grant/project specific level.  For more information regarding access and uses of the applications, please visit the Grants Forecasting SharePoint site.

Planning is currently in process for an Operating Funds Forecasting application for target implementation in summer 2022.  The new application will expand on the Grants Forecasting functionality to allow forecasting for all other entities.  For more information, please visit