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The University of Pittsburgh offers a P-Card as a convenient supplemental purchase method for certain types of low-value, low-risk or emergency purchases. A P-Card is an institutional purchasing VISA credit card administered through PNC Bank.

The PRISM P-Card application provides you with the ability to review and redistribute P-Card charges. P-Card are VISA credit cards that can be used for some low-dollar, low-risk purchases. All P-card purchases, by default, are charged to one department account number. On a monthly basis, departments use the P-Card Redistribution application to review P-Card charges, and when necessary, move charges to the appropriate account. The application is also used to certify that P-Card charges are legitimate business expenses.

Determine Access

Apply for access if you will be responsible for any of the following:

  • Monitoring and redistributing charges on your own, or another department member’s P-Card
  • Conducting a monthly review of P-Card charges to certify that they are legitimate University business expenses

Apply for a P-Card

To apply for a P-Card, please complete the P-Card Application Form.

Get more information on purchasing goods.

Apply for Access to Redistribute & Review P-Card Transactions

Complete pages 1 & 4 of the PRISM Department User Access Form. Normally this form is completed with the assistance of a department business administrator.

P-Card Responsibilities

The form instructions provide detailed descriptions of the P-Card Redistribution Responsibilities, and to what entities the Responsibilities will grant you access. Also check whether you will need Redistribution & Review, or Pre-Transaction Log only.

The following will help you select the appropriate User Type:

  • Cardholder Only – You will only review/redistribute charges on your own card

  • Cardholder/Account Redistributor – You will review/redistribute charges on your own card, and other department cards.

  • Account Redistributor/Reviewer Only – You do not have a card, but will be responsible for reviewing/redistributing charges on department P-Cards.

  • For Redistributors/Reviewers, list the names of the cardholders for whom you will be responsible.

P-Card Training

Visit the PRISM Training page to register for a course and view training manuals.